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Infinite Skills Mastering iOS Development Training Video $15 BUY!
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Tony Hillerson Seven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks Native Apps Multiple Platforms Pragmatic Programmer Mobi eBook $1 BUY!
Tony Hillerson Seven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks Native Apps Multiple Platforms Pragmatic Programmer PDF eBook $1 BUY!
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Udemy Rick and Jennas iOS 9 Adventure Make 14 Apps with Swift 2

Udemy Rick and Jennas iOS 9 Adventure Make 14 Apps with Swift 2
View it »

Rick Walter (Nick Walter) & Jenna Miller
27 hours

Are you ready for an adventure?! Join Udemy's most enjoyable class and learn how to make your own freaking iPhone apps! No prior programming experience necessary.
We'll walk you through everything needed to create and submit your very own app idea to the app store, starting from scratch. We firmly believe in learning by doing, so we'll make 14 real world iOS 9 apps using Swift 2 and Xcode 7 together.
We run through every single step from installing Xcode (the program we use to make apps) down to how to make money with your apps. And we'll never talk over your head. We've experienced the harsh reality of complicated and wordy tutorials and online classes. This class is what we wish we'd had when we were first learning to make apps. It's the first class to break everything down to the level that is perfect for "newbies" so that you never feel lost, and can excel and learn quickly.

Section 1: Your First App - It's time to make a freaking app
1 Your First App!
Section 2: Goals of the Class
2 Meet Jenna
3 Meet Rick
4 Goals of the Class
Steve Jobs and 5 Tips for Success
Section 3: What's New in iOS 9
6 Introduction
7 Swift and Xcode 2 7
8 Search APIs in iOS 9
Section 4: *APP 1* Friendbook
9 Intro
10 The Idea
11 Sketch It Out
12 Project Setup
13 View Controller
14 Table View in Storyboard
15 Data Source and Delegate
16 Fill the Table View with Friends
17 Make the Next Screen
18 Navigation Controller
19 Passing of the Names
20 All the Birthdays!
21 Friendbook Review
22 Outro
Section 5: Swift School - Learn the basics of Apple's new language
23 Intro
24 What is Swift
25 Variable and Constants
26 Strings and Ints
27 Comments and Print
28 If Statements and Booleans
29 Arrays
30 For Loops
31 Dictionaries
32 Functions
33 Optionals
34 Classes
35 Outro
Section 6: *APP 2* FriendBook Plus
36 Intro
37 Sketch
38 Add The TableView
39 The Friends List
40 Pass Da Info
41 Make A Friend Class
42 Use The Friend Class
43 Image Views
44 Outro
45 Friendbook Plus Source Code
Section 7: *APP 3* Colorific
46 Intro
47 Sketch
48 Another Table View
49 Adding All the Colors
50 Segue
51 No Color Left Behind
52 Name Those Colors
53 ColorLingo
54 One Last Tip!
55 Outro
Section 8: Building Your Dream App
56 Intro
57 Bird's Eye View of the Dream
58 The Idea
59 Sketch Of It
The Beta Build 60
61 Collect Feedback
62 Spit and Polish
63 Submit
64 Outro
Section 9: *APP 4* Do or Do Not (To-Do List)
65 Intro
66 Sketch the Sketch
67 Make a Table View
68 First Brush with CoreData
69 Nav Controller
70 Alert, Alert!
71 Stow It in the Table View
72 Polish It
73 Outro
Section 10: *APP 5* Shopping Assistant
74 Intro
75 Sketch
76 Project Setup
77 Core Data
78 Put on the Shoes
79 Adding Pics
80 Detail View Controller
81 Pass the Shoe
82 What You Wish For
83 Add Your Own Thing
84 Image Tap
85 Bust Out the Camera!
86 Outro
Section 11: Submitting an App
87 Intro
88 App Store Tips
89 Developer's Account
90 Certificates
91 App IDs
92 Provisioning Profile
93 iTunes Connect
94 Meta Data
95 Outro
Section 12: Making Money with iOS
96 Intro
97 Freelancing
98 Your Apps
99 Recommendations
Section 13: *APP 6* Joke Bank - In-App Purcha$e$
100 Intro
101 Sketch
102 Core Data
103 Show Collections
104 Show Jokes
105 Show Text
106 iTunes Connect
107 Product Request
108 Update Core Data
109 Price Locale
110 Make a Purchase
111 Give the Reward
112 Outro
113 Joke Bank Source Code
Section 14: *APP 7* Dog Data - Learn how to use the new 3rd party database Realm
114 Intro
115 Sketch
116 What is Realm
117 Realm Basics
118 Fill the Table
119 Add Dog Design
120 Picker View
Save 121 Da Dog
122 Delete Da Dog
123 Outro
124 Dog Data Source Code
Section 15: *APP 8* My Fave Destinations - GPS & Maps
125 Sketch
126 Table View
127 Create CoreData
128 First Map
129 More Maps
130 Adding Faves
131 Picking New Spots
132 Location Access
133 Now You See Me
Section 16: iAd
134 Intro
135 Contracts
136 Banner Ads
137 Rectangular Ads
138 Final Points
139 Outro
Section 17: *APP 9* Voice Tweak - Learn how to use the microphone and play sounds
140 Intro
141 Sketch
142 Let's Make the UI
143 Play the Audio
144 Alter the Playback Rate
145 Audio Loop
146 Audio Record (part 1)
147 Record Audio (part 2)
148 Outro
149 Voice Tweak Source Code
Section 18: Join the Developer Ecosystem
150 Intro
151 Websites
152 Groups and Events
153 Outro
Section 19: *10 APP* Plink A Dink - Learn how to make games with Apple's SpriteKit
154 Intro
155 Sketch
156 What Is SpriteKit?
157 Physics
158 Add Some Walls
159 Gooooooal!
160 Add a Row of Pegs (part 1)
161 Add a Row of Pegs (part 2)
162 Adding Multiple Rows of Pegs
163 Labels and Game Reset
164 Spacing Out the Goals
165 BitMasks
166 Update the Score
167 Beautify (part 1)
Beautify 168 (part 2)
169 Outro
170 Plink A Dink Source Code
Section 20: *APP 11* Travel Agent
171 Intro
172 Sketch
173 UIPicker
174 On/Off Switch
175 Image View
176 Choose the Vacations
177 Brag on Facebook
178 Outro
Section 21: *APP 12* Follow or Nah
179 Intro
180 Sketch
181 Social and Accounts Frameworks
182 Choosing an Account
183 All Signed In and Ready to Go
184 First API Call
185 Work Around
186 Show The Following
187 Hydrated
188 Twitter Users
189 Show the Username and Image
190 Unfollow
191 Outro
192 Follow Or Nah Source Code
Section 22: Git - Learn how to manage your code and work with others
193 Intro
194 What Is Git?
195 Your First Commit
196 Branches
197 Using a Terminal
198 Hosting Your Repo
199 Tags and Staged Files
200 Outro
201 Git Tutorial Source Code
Section 23: *APP 13* Emojis - backed Parse A social network to share your favorite emojis
202 Intro
203 Sketch
204 Setting Up Parse
205 Make A Twitter App
206 Sign In With Twitter
207 UI for Creating an Emoji Post
208 Check The Text Fields
209 Our First Parse Object
210 Parse Query
211 Custom Table View Cell
212 Twitter API
213 Beauty (part 1)
214 Beauty (part 2)
215 Outro
216 Emojis Source Code
Section 24: *APP 14* Blue Sniff - Learn how to work with Bluetooth in your app
217 Intro
218 Sketch
219 Set Up The Central Manager
220 Start the Scan
221 Get the Peripheral Data
222 Show the UUID
223 Custom TableViewCells
224 Display the Name and RSSI
225 Refresh the Data
226 Outro
227 Blue Sniff Source Code

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