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12 Christmas Stories Multiformat eBooks

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Lisa Marie Rice Christmas Angel
Nicole Caron lost the love of her life on Christmas Eve. Now only the Christmas
Angel can help her.

Kate Douglas Just A Little Magic
Beth Adams expected a proposal of marriage on Christmas Eve. What she gets is
a wanna-be Santa Claus who's just gotten pink-slipped. Dominic Claus isn't merely
good looking; he's perfect.he's just not Santa material. Beth could care less;
especially once she discovers that Dom is a lot more than a good looking guy in
a Santa suit--he's the lover of her dreams; toys included. Unfortunately;
he actually thinks he's an elf. Differences aside; Beth discovers that all it
takes is Just a Little Magic to find true love.

Shiloh Walker Make Me Believe
Chelly is going nuts.she thinks. And she's fighting for the right to keep her
little boy. Right before Christmas; her ex announces he is going to sue for
custody of their child. Because she is losing her mind. She is talking to a man
who doesn't exist. A tall; sexy creature with wicked blue eyes and magic in his
hands. And he can't possibly exist. After all; elves aren't real.

Tawny Taylor Passion and a Pear Tree
What does a prudish; self-proclaimed loner do when a nearly naked man jumps out
of an oversized Christmas gift; sings a slightly racy version of the Twelve Days
of Christmas; and promises to make her deepest desires come true? She goes for it;
of course; and has the best twenty-four hours of her life. But at the stroke of
midnight; the spell ends; and her happy holidays take an unexpected turn. Alone
again; there's only one thing she wishes for: a little Christmas magic to bring
back the man who taught her the joy of giving.

Rachel Bo Ringing In The Season
Christmas is only two days away; and Traci Campbell has never felt more miserable.
Her seventeen-year marriage seems on the verge of failure. Rick makes no time for
the kids; for her.they haven't made love in four months. She can't stand the thought
of losing Rick; but her heartfelt appeal a month ago appears to have meant nothing
to him. But a determined husband can make a lot happen in a few short weeks; and
a very unusual treasure hunt leads Traci on an erotic journey down memory lane.
Can love; determination; and five tiny golden rings save a marriage?

Joey W. Hill Snow Angel
In her misspent youth; Constance used sex as a shallow substitute for the intimacy
and love she craved. Fifteen years later; she whispers her deepest wish into Santa's
ear at a Christmas benefit; only to discover he is someone who was part of that
unfortunate and embarrassing time of her life. Mortified; she plans an early exit
from the party; but Santa has different ideas. Sam Coble always wanted to get to
know the girl behind the reputation; and now that she is an accomplished; independent
woman; that determination spurs him to action. Constance is going to discover this
particular Santa has a soft spot for naughty girls. He plans to give her everything
she ever put on a Christmas list...and then some.

R. Casteel The Toymaker
Samantha; widowed with two small children on the Missouri frontier; struggles to
survive through the harsh winter. When she gives the small toymaker named; Claudius;
shelter from a storm; little miracles begin to happen. But; are they enough to restore
love; and her belief in the Magic of Christmas.

Kit Tunstall A Christmas Phantasie
Castle Phantasie 01.5 After a bad marriage; Jakarta finds it difficult to commit to
a future with the man she's now seeing. Teague has grown frustrated with her hesitation;
believing she doesn't trust him. On their Christmas trip to Castle Phantasie; things
come to a head. Jakarta must prove her trust in Teague by submitting to him; or their
relationship will end. She loves him; but what he's asking for might be more than she
can give.

Samantha Winston Elf Song
Fairnight 01 Though he is in great demand at the court; Branagh; the Nutcracker Prince;
has sought no mate and found no one to fill his needs. Melflouise Fairnight; once an
archer in the elf militia; now a kitchen maid in the palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy
wanted only to catch a glimpse of the secretive Nutcracker Prince. She never dreamed
he'd desire her; or that his loving could free the elf song she'd kept caged since her
husband's death. Their unexpected passion forces Branagh to make a terrible choice;
between his kingdom and his woman.

Lacey Alexander Hot for Santa
Hot In The City 02.5 Amy Finnegan has been attracted to Cole Bradshaw for years; but
when he dons a Santa suit at the local mall and asks her to be his elf; her attraction
turns into full blown lust. Yet when the entire holiday season passes with no response
to her flirtations; (leaving the lacy undies she's been wearing beneath her elf dress
untouched); Amy resolves to give up the chase. Cole's Christmas Eve invitation;
(a thrilling night of eggnog and movies); is the wake up call Amy needs to get over her
crush. Little does she know that Cole has planned a seduction; (complete with erotic
Christmas gifts); that will turn her into his willing holiday slave. Before the night
is over; the sexy man wearing nothing but a Santa hat will prove to Amy that it's more
rewarding to be naughty than nice.

Lora Leigh August Heat
Men of August; Book 4 Join the August Family for Christmas. It's been a little more than
a year since Cade; Brock and Sam wrestled their lives back from the woman determined to
destroy them. Join them in this first August family Christmas celebration; August Heat;
and see if their wives have been naughty or nice; or if the brothers must show them once
again how proper August wives should act.

Ashleigh Raine Angel In Moonlight
Talisman Bay 01.5 Being a Polgaran Pleasure goddess isn.t all it.s cracked up to be.
Sex isn.t exactly boring; but it is just sex; limited emotion involved. Lita craves the
intrigue of strong human emotions. Her wish is granted; to spend a year among humans;
learning and experiencing their strong emotions. Then destiny throws her for quite a loop
when she.s pulled into Ben.s arms and discovers just how wonderful love is. But the clock
is ticking; and if she stays; she.ll lose everything; but if she leaves Ben; she.ll lose
even more.

12 Christmas Stories Multiformat eBooks

Buy!Download Size: 4.49 MB

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