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2CAudio Aether Algorithmic Reverb VST AU 1.0.1 for Mac and PPC

Buy!Download Size: 96.98 MB

2CAudio, a sister company of Galbanum, has announced the immediate
availability of Aether, which 2CAudio describes as an "ultimate fidelity Auto
Randomizing Algorithmic Reverb Software plug-in".

Features and specification:

Extreme precision floating-point engine - claimed to rival the best hardware
reverb units available.

"Impeccable" specifications in Space, Time, and Frequency response.

Unique pervasive Auto-Randomizing scheme throughout the entire algorithm which
keeps mixes sounding alive.

Non-Exponential Decay curves for "lush" sound.

Discrete Early Reflection and Late Reflection Engines.

33 Space Type Models.

Over 250 factory presets ranging from sublime acoustic emulations to extreme
sound-design ambiences.

Reverb Decay Time range from 0.10sec to 120sec plus an Infinite Decay Mode.

Frequency Dependant Decay Time Scaling.

True Stereo and Hybrid Stereo modes.

Coded in assembly and optimized with SSE for extreme efficiency.

4 sample latency. Suitable for use in tracking and performance.

Supported Sample Rates of up to 192K.

Intuitive futuristic GUI designed for maximum control and ease of use.

New Features in v1.0.1:

Audio Unit: mono-to-stereo support is available in Logic 8 and Logic 9.

Audio Unit automation now reports the correct parameter range.

Audio Unit automation can be recorded via changing parameter values on the

Aether's plug-in state is now saved and recalled by the host for both A and B

Aether's current preset name and origin (user/factory/file) is now saved and
recalled by the host.

Improvements to the preset menu system.

New GUI Skin Options:

Indigo Large Skin.

Indigo Small Skin.

CPU Usage Improvements:

DSP CPU usage is now 10 to 20% more efficient depending on the user's hardware
and OS.

GUI CPU usage is drastically reduced on OSX.

GUI CPU usage on Windows is also equally low, though it was already closer to
this level in the previous version.

Audio Quality Improvements:

Improved gain balance between Left and Right channels in ER and LR engines.

Improvements to the DSP that result in smoother modulation in some

Bug Fixes:

Vast modifications to the internal code base to improve stability, increase
efficiency, and enable future development plans.

Infamous Black Screen bug fixed.

Memory-related issue fixed.

Denorm issue on some presets/settings fixed.

Aether now works in DP5, Bias Peak, Numerology and RAX.

Aether now works under Tiger (though Tiger is NOT officially supported).

Other miscellaneous fixes and improvements

2CAudio Aether Algorithmic Reverb VST AU 1.0.1 for Mac and PPC

Buy!Download Size: 96.98 MB

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