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ANSYS optiSLang 6.0.1 for Linux x64

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The Dynardo GmbH, a developer software for CAE-based sensitivity analysis, multidisciplinary optimization and robustness evaluation in virtual product development, civil engineering and geomechanics, has released 6.0.1 version of ANSYS opiSLang. This software provides leading technology for parametric and persistent CAD and CAE modeling for simulation driven product development.

optiSLang focuses on efficiency and automation of RDO methods for complex non-linear analysis models with many parameters, including stochastic variables. This includes robust handling of design failures and solver noise.

ANSYS optiSLang offers several modes of interoperability

- using the optiSLang Workbench plugin to expose optiSLang technology within the ANSYS Workbench GUI
- using text file based interfacing between ANSYS and optiSLang
- using parametric ANSYS Workbench models with the optiSLang GUI with the help of the optiSLang ANSYS Workbench integration node

The optiSLang Workbench Plugin toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that can easily be dragged and dropped onto the desktop to form an interactive process chain.

A best practice workflow management wizard chooses, accordingly to the different modules of sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation, an optimal solution strategy with default algorithm settings, minimizing the user input required to define the variation space and objectives.

ChangeLog: ANSYS optislang
Version 6.0.1

- Improved support for automated installation
- Basic support for network installation of ANSYS Workbench optiSLang Plugin
- Integration node: added possibility to change file path by slot connection
- Improved license management reliability

Version 6.0.0

- Support of ANSYS Release 18.0
- Signal processing […] in ANSYS Workbench connectable to all transfer types
- New Windows installer
- MOP dialog revised
- Allow custom relocation for flexible re-definition of moved projects
- Unified dialogs to import parameters/criteria/designs from system
Process chain elements
- Calculator: User interface revised
- Variables Tab: Support for import/export of locations and derived variables
- ANSYS Workbench Node: Consider units in parameterization
- ANSYS Workbench Node: Separated settings for 'Max processes' and 'Max designs per process'
- Text Input: Previously defined markers offered
- MATLAB: Handle access to time series
- Added support for Simulation X 3.8
- Optimization Wizard: Find matching validation system automatically
- Sensitivity Wizard: Added Space-filling LHS in decision tree
- Supports of drop algorithm wizards on custom algorithm systems
- MOP: Removed beta state for FMU Interface
- Robustness: General discrete distribution type
- Robustness: Beta distribution available in parametrization and postprocessing, PDF fit
- Discrete parameter states can now be entered by range
- New integration node examples
LightTrans VirtualLab
Statistics on Structures (preparation for version 3.3):
Signal MOP: create a meta model for signals after Sensitivity DoE
Signal MOP solver: approximate signals by meta models and generate random signals
Generate: Generate random geometries and other FEM data
- C++ Plugin API
Added help system integration
Added process helper module
- Python API: New module with access to reliability algorithms
- Python API: Functionality to create custom algorithm systems
- Building MOP in postprocessing
- Configuration of limit values with extended functionalities
- Consider limits in histogram and traffic light plot consistently
- Show Cpx values in statistical data of histogram
- Show approximated criteria surfaces
- Show local approximation errors in 3D response surface and topview plot
- CoP-Matrix: additional filter for lower limits
- Response surface 3D: Setting of user-defined isolines
- Set axes ranges and rotation
- Support log axes in 3D plots
- Support for showing/hiding single responses
- Show approximated surfaces for every iteration of ARSM-DS (reliability)
- New custom plots "StackedBar" and "BoxPlot"
- Excel Add-In: Field functions to keep consistency on inputs
- MOP solver: estimate of local approximation errors
- MOP solver: gradient estimates of approximation function
- License management dialog added

About Dynardo

Dynardo develops software for CAE-based optimization and stochastic analysis as a basis for industrial Robust Design Optimization (RDO) in virtual product development. The company also offers in cooperation with global distributors consulting and calculation services as well as support and training concerning the software optiSLang. Due to this combination, the company achieves in various industries a high amount of flexibility referring to special market requirements in the CAE sector. Companies such as Daimler, Bosch, Siemens, Shell or Nokia value our individual solutions and precise execution of analysis and optimization tasks. Dynardo’s team provides experienced services for all phases of virtual product development. We have expertise in calculation and simulation of engineering tasks in various fields of industries (e.g. consumer goods industry, mechanical and process engineering, energy industry, civil engineering, geomechanics, automotive industry, aerospace industry, bioengineering and micromechanics).

Product: ANSYS opiSLang
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
Software Prerequisites: optiSLang Standalone > Win/Linux 64-bit / optiSLang plugin for ANSYS 14.0-18.0 > ANSYS 14.0-18.0 Win/Linux 64-bit only / optiSLang plugin for MS Excel > MS Excel 2007 and above

ANSYS optiSLang 6.0.1 for Linux x64

Buy!Download Size: 823.12 MB

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