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ActiveState Komodo IDE for Linux x64

Buy!Download Size: 69.36 MB

What's New in Komodo 8.0

New User Interface

We've redesigned our UI from the ground up to give you a much better
user experience. You'll appreciate seeing less clutter and more editing
space. Every feature now has consistent styling and feels native to your

Floating Side Panes

By popular request! Click to detach any side pane tab (ie. Places, Code
Browser, Debug) and move it anywhere on screen. It's a much more
flexible way to work, and even better if you have two monitors.

Open Files Side Pane

Managing tons of files is easier than ever. Files are now listed in a
side pane that groups them by language. You can even hide all the editor
tabs completely and just work off the Open Files pane.

Auto Abbreviation Snippets

Type the first few characters of a snippet to trigger a list you can tab
through. This makes inserting snippets faster, while keeping you in
control of the content. New support for Embedded JavaScript (EJS) within
a snippet means you can now systematically determine snippet contents at

Fast Open Shortcuts

We've made Fast Open faster. You can now make shortcuts to frequently
used paths. Have a directory path like "/some/long/path/etc"? Make a
shortcut for "code/" and see all the files in the directory.


As your document gets longer, it can sometimes get harder to visualize.
The minimap gives you a high-level overview so you can mouse over and
reposition the editor on any targeted section - sort of like Google Maps
for code.

New Languages

We've added editing for Laravel Blade. Laravel is a powerful PHP
framework that allows tremendous flexibility in design. We've also added
syntax checking for Sass, an extension of CSS3 that adds nested rules,
variables, and other fun stuff.

ActiveState Komodo IDE for Linux x64

Buy!Download Size: 69.36 MB

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