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Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry Methods and Applications by E. Jeff Holder PDF eBook

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"Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry: Methods and Applications" by E. Jeff Holder
SciTech Publishing, IET | 2014 | ISBN: 1613531842 9781613531846 9781613531853 | 358 pages | PDF | 11 MB

In this book authors concentrate on the angle-of-arrival estimation performance for various types of radar interferometers that are capable of achieving significantly improved estimation performance over traditional radar antenna architectures. The book aims to quantify interferometer angle estimation accuracy

The book focuses on angle-of-arrival estimation using radar interferometry and provides a unique perspective to angle estimation.
This book offers a unique perspective and an in depth look at the derivation of angle error equations for a radar interferometer as affected not only by additive noise but by other error effects such as multipath, glint, and spectral distortion.
The book would suit practicing radar design engineers and researchers within both the radar community and the military industrial sector.

List of Figures
List of Tables
1. Applications of RF Interferometry
2. Probability Theory
3. Radar Fundamentais
4. Radar Angle-of-Arrival Estimation
5. Radar Wavefbrms
6. The Radar Interferometer
7. Interferometer Signal Processing
8. Sparsely Populated Antenna Arrays
9. Interferometer Angle-of-Arrival Error Effects
10. Tropospheric Effects on Angle-of-Arrival
Appendix A. Discrete Fourier Transferm
Appendix B. The Matched Filter
Appendix C. The Principle of Stationary Phase
Appendix D. The Fundamental Theory of Binary Code
Appendix E. Theoretical Development ofKasami Codes
Appendix F. Relationship of the Continuous Power Spectrum and Discrete Variance
Appendix G. Time-of-Arrival CRLB (Alternative Approach)
Appendix H. Two-Dimensional Trilateration Using CPT and RGS Ranging Methods—MATLAB Code
Appendix I. Angle-of-Arrival Determination Using a Rotated Antenna Configuration
Appendix J. First- and Second-Order Interferometer Angle Measurements—MATLAB Code
Appendix K. Interferometer Angle Measurements för Distributed Trans mit/Receive Antennas—MATLAB Code
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Angle of Arrival Estimation Using Radar Interferometry Methods and Applications  by E. Jeff Holder PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 10.58 MB

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