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Applied Flow Technology Arrow 3.0.2004.06.30

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AFT Arrow 3.0 provides comprehensive, compressible pipe flow analysis and
system modeling capabilities combined with ease-of-use. Addressing open and
closed loop systems, AFT Arrow includes a built-in library of fluids and
fittings, variable model configurations, fan/compressor and control valve
modeling and much more. With the optional Chempak add-in, a thermo-physical
database of approximately 600 gases is available to further expand the
envelope of your analysis and design. AFT Arrow goes beyond the boundaries
of fluid flow analysis, with thermal analysis capabilities including piping
heat transfer, heat exchanger modeling and varying fluid properties. AFT
Arrow employs a robust solver using proven matrix methods to solve the
governing equations of pipe flow to conduct a true and rigorous compressible
flow solution. AFT Arrow is unique in its ability to solve for adiabatic,
isothermal and generalized heat transfer conditions and with sonic choking.
The full power of this technical sophistication is readily accessible
through an advanced visual interface. From the powerful drag-and-drop model
building features to the fully customizable output, AFT Arrow becomes an
extension of the engineer's mind, freeing him or her to focus on their
system, not the mechanics of software manipulation.

More than flow analysis, AFT Arrow let's yobuild your piping system in
software. Vary pipe sizes, compressor/fan curves, valve settings, fluid
properties, operating lineup...virtually anything yocan do with the real
system can be done within AFT Arrow, accurately simulating the individual
system components and their interaction. Whether you're designing new
systems, modifying existing ones or analyzing system operations, The ability
to analyze alternates and the insight provided by an AFT Arrow model
significantly improves the quality of systems engineering yocan achieve,
leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems.

New features and enhancements in AFT Arrow 3.0 include:

Scenario Manager
Variants of a model can be kept together in a single file in a parent-
child relationship of any number of levels.
Easily change parameters in the parent and have the children updated to
reflect the changes
Powerful tool to perform parametric studies and evaluate competing designs
Fluids can be changed from one scenario to another to insure compatibility

Enhanced heat transfer options
Solver results are now saved with the model so that when a model is opened
the results can be immediately displayed
No software limit to model size
Enhanced compressor/fan features include efficiency and power usage, and
multiple configurations
Lumped adiabatic and lumped isothermal solution options greater increases
solution speed for applicable systems

Pipes and Junctions
Enhanced heat transfer options including detailed pipe wall and
insulation heat transfer
Area basis for junction K factors can be specified by the user
New Fail Never option for control valves
Control valve open percentage can be specified by user
New separator junction type


Pipe and Junction labels can be moved
Pipes can have up to 10 segments
Pipe line colors and widths can be set individually
Junction sizes can be set individually
Annotations can be added to the Workspace
Multiple friction data sets can be assigned to pipes for easy selection
Bookmarks can be created on the Workspace for accelerated navigation
Multiple compressor/fan configurations can be kept for each
Improved curve fitting window
Compressor/fan curves and junction loss curves now shown right on
junction window
Insulation data sets can be created and applied to pipes and pipe
material data
New option for rectangular ducts
New grouping capability allows user to select groups of pipes and/or
junctions and give them a name
for quick selection
New ability to show a list of undefined pipe or junction parameters
Pipes and junctions can be nudged using the keyboard arrow keys
Grid can be displayed on the Workspace
Enhanced Snap to Grid capability
Load a picture as a backdrop to the Workspace and Visual Report
Save the Workspace and Visual Report as a graphic to file
Enhanced zooming features, including zoom to greater than 100%
Last View feature allows quick changes to the more recent Workspace view
Last Scenario feature allows fast changes to most recent scenario
New Zoom Select feature on Workspace Toolbox
New keyboard options for Selection Drawing tool
Ability have different Workspace background colors for based on Scenario
New Auto-Increment feature for pipes and junctions lets user specify
incremental number for new
pipes or junctions
Morphing feature allows one junction to be morphed into another using
drag-and-drop Output
Compressor/Fan, Valve and Heat Exchanger Summaries are now user
customizable, including unit selection
New report in Pipe section that relates detailed heat transfer
Right click on pipes or junction number shows the input data
Double-click on pipe or junction numbers opens Specifications window
in read-only format

Graph Results
Significant improvements to pump vs. system curve generation
Improved graph window organization
Ability to save Graph parameters as a set for fast recall

Enhanced method for editing junction components in the Database
New ability to copy selected portions of a database
New Insulation Database
Pipe Material Database has the ability to select specific insulations
Thermophysical properties of pipes can now be specified to allow for
more detailed heat transfer calculations
Pipe wall thickness can now be specified
Ability to specify the pipe geometry
Improved Fluid Database curve fitting

Current scenario is saved in the model file so that it is immediately
displayed when the user opens the model
Enhancements to Select Special include ability to select pipes based
on pipe size or pipe and/or junctions based on output results
New Autosave feature
User can specify number of backup files
User can specify default model locations
Separate Power units and Heat Rate units
Improved support for international number conventions
User specified design alerts on pipes will warn user when the results
exceed specified limit

Applied Flow Technology Arrow 3.0.2004.06.30

Buy!Download Size: 21.51 MB

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