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BCS Corporate Manager Software 3.4

Buy!Download Size: 70.91 MB

Did you know that NOT maintaining
corporate records such as corporate
resolutions, meeting minutes, stock
certificates, and a stock ledger could
put your corporation at risk? We've
created a powerful software application
to help simplify and automate this

Ten Reasons to invest in The Corporate
Manager Software:

1. COST . A lawyer can charge more than
the cost of the Corporate Manager
Software to draft just one resolution.
With the Corporate Manager you have
access to hundreds of already drafted
resolutions and other important
corporate documents such as meeting
minutes, announcements, waivers,
proxies, and more.

2. THE IRS . One of the first things the
IRS will do in an audit of a corporation
will be to ask for the corporate record
book to determine whether meetings were
held properly and resolutions were
developed documenting the decisions of
directors and shareholders. The
Corporate Manager Software quickly takes
care of these requirements.

3. INVESTORS . When investors are
looking to buy or invest in a
corporation, they may ask to see the
corporate records book. (It only makes
sense to not invest in a corporation
that could have its corporate status
revoked.) The Corporate Manger Software
not only creates the documents for the
corporate record book but also saves
documents for each corporation in the

4. GOING PUBLIC . If the corporation
goes public, investment bankers will
want to see the corporate record book.
The Corporate Manager Software produces
beautifully formatted documents that
will impress any investment banker.

5. IT.S THE LAW . In most states
maintaining corporate records is
required by law.

6. IT.S A DATABASE - The Corporate
Manager Software is not just a set of
templates. It.s an extensive database
that can store information for multiple
corporations. Data is automatically
inserted into documents and database
information can be modified and saved
while documents are being produced.

7. SCOPE . Hundreds of companies and
thousands of personnel, meetings and
their attendance, stock transactions,
and corporate documents can be stored in
the database. This means there is little
or no duplication of data and there is
no need to enter the same information
over and over again. The only real
limitation is the amount of storage
space that.s available on you computer.
Corporate records, shareholders,
officers, directors, professional
contacts, stock transactions, and more
can be found in just one place.

8. PRIVACY & SECURITY. Corporate
documents are not stored on the Internet
or beyond your immediate access. Data
files are separate from program files so
the Data folder can be backed-up and
stored in a secure location. You can
even have the program on one network
computer and the data on another.

9. EASY TO USE . All of the Corporate
Manager database can be accessed from
just one navigation toolbar. Context
help is provided for every data entry
field and access to the tutorial and
user guide is easily accessible for and
from the currently selected form.

BCS Corporate Manager Software 3.4

Buy!Download Size: 70.91 MB

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