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Big Fish Audio Virtual Instrument Division Goth KONTAKT

Buy!Download Size: 4.97 GB

GOTH is the first Virtual Instrument designed specifically for composers and producers who want to add modern Metal elements to films, movie trailers, television shows, promos, games, and other cinematic-style recording projects.

The Goth Interface

GOTH’s user interface is very easy to use with most functions accessible right from the main screen. Additional pages allow you to customize loops or rhythms.

Goth is organized into four sections:

Multi-Sampled Instruments

GOTH features a collection of multi-sampled Metal-style guitars, including mono Lead Guitars, huge double-tracked Stereo Guitars, and double-tracked Power Chord Guitar patches that velocity-switch between short chugs (mutes) and sustained power chords. There is also a killer Metal Bass, several heavy Distortion Basses, Dark and Lo-Fi Acoustic Pianos, and a 49-piece (!) Monster Metal Drum Kit.

Construction Kit Multis

Goth features 20 extensive Performance Multi patches, each containing five Kontakt Loop-Players: one for guitar loops, one for bass loops, one for drum loops, one for Metal-style vocal effects and one for sound design elements such as drones, atmospheres, industrial rhythm loops, and cinematic impacts and risers.

All guitar and bass loops were written and performed in the key of E, making it easy for users to mix and match loops from other Performance Kits, if desired. Using the TUNE button on the GOTH interface, you can also easily de-tune the guitar and bass loops to lower keys such as Eb, D, and C, which are commonly used in many modern style of Metal.

Compilation Loops Kits

The Loop Kit patches include hundreds of additional Industrial Noise Loops, Guitar Noise Loops, Bass Noise Loops, and Piano Loops, in several different tempos.


For ease of use, all the one-shot vocal FX, drones, atmospheres, and sound design elements in GOTH are also organized by type in a number of additional instrument patches.

Big Fish Audio Virtual Instrument Division Goth KONTAKT

Buy!Download Size: 4.97 GB

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