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Bill Glazer and Paul Hartunian - Professional Speaker s Business Training PDF eBook

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Bill Glazer and Paul Hartunian - Professional Speaker's Business Training
22xCD | Audiobook | English | mp3 | 2 ch 80 Kbps | PDF | 1.23 GB

If you have ever contemplated speaking as a sideline, or even as your main gig, this would be a no-brainer. But even if "all" you do is speak to clients, you will get value because it will teach you how to communicate more effectively. But read the pitch letter below. This is something you can do. This joint Glazer/Hartunian presentation also features guest speakers and is extremely well recorded. This is sold on the GKIC website for $1497 and is worth every penny. This is solid gold. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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Pitch letter:
A Letter From: Paul Hartunian and Bill Glazer:
With The Same Formulaic Certainty As A McDonalds Franchise,We Can Launch Your "2nd Career" In The Exciting, Prestigious Business Of Paid Professional Speaking....
We'll Show You How You Can Make 'at least' $5,000 - $10,000 for a 60- 90 Minute Speech... Even if the Last Time You Got up to Speak was in Mrs. Patterson's 3rd Grade Class

Let us "cut-right-to-the-chase" and ask you a couple of simple questions:

* Would you like to have ALL the fame and celebrity you want and ALL the success you have ever desired?
* Are you ready to become a professional speaker, but you don’t know how to get on the right path and don’t want to wait forever and a day to get there?
* Are you now a speaker but you’re not earning what you know you’re worth?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the questions above, then we have some very good news for you...Help is on the way.

Our names are Paul Hartunian and Bill Glazer and we have agreed to team up for one time and one time only in order to share with you ALL our insider secrets that we know about being in the highly profitable business of speaking.

The Little-Known Secret About Professional Speaking

Let us tell you a little inside secret about the professional speaking world. As we see it, there are two kinds of speakers — the kind who gets paid with strokes to their egos and the kind who get paid a lot of money!!!
We’ll take the second option, thank you.

Now, don’t be concerned or confused with what we just said. We are not suggesting that you have to do any hard selling. On the contrary, neither of us like ‘hard selling’ as a closing technique.

When you follow our TRAINING, you won’t do any hard selling at all. You won’t have to use any uncomfortable closing techniques at all.

When you follow our TRAINING, you’ll create a talk so compelling that at the end of your presentation, the people in the audience will come to the inevitable conclusion that they MUST have more of your products and/or services.

What I’m referring to is more of your books, CDs, consulting time, courses, kits, coaching programs, etc. etc. (More about product development later in this letter.) So, we are going to show you how to construct a talk that is actually doing all the selling for YOU!

Now let us be clear about what we are saying here. Sure, our egos are stroked when we get those standing ovations and compliments at the end of our presentations. But it’s those whopper checks that have given us what we value the most...our total 'Financial Freedom.'

Because of our speaking businesses we can spend time with our families, travel when and where we want to, donate money to our favorite charities and live the life we always desired.

We’re inviting you to join us in this fun, rewarding, and profitable career.

Who Are We To Be TRAINING You?

Now, we could bore you with a very long list of clients, accomplishments and testimonials, here’s the ONLY thing that you really need to know. Very simply, we are two of the highest paid, most in-demand speakers out there today. It is not unusual for either of us to get up in front of a room of as few as 100 people and leave with over $50,000.00 in product sales. In fact, we have achieved as high as $150,000.00 in product sales after making just a 90-minute presentation.

So... what you are NOT getting with us is what we call the ‘Pretend Experts.’ These are those people who go around the country teaching people what to do, but have never done it successfully themselves.


With us you get the ‘real deal.’ You get the professional speakers that everyone else wants to book, teaching you the exact strategies that we have used to grow our own seven figure businesses.

To be blunt...we know something about the speaking business you don’t know. In fact, we know a whole lot about the speaking business you don’t know. That’s what’s made us so successful.
If you are selected to be in the next class of our “Professional Speakers Business TRAINING” program, you’ll learn it all. And you’ll be put solidly on the right path to success in this fantastic business.

In case you’re wondering why we’re willing to offer this ‘one-of-a kind’ training, let us explain. Between the two of us we deliver over sixty presentations a year. Frankly, we could easily double our number of speaking engagements, but we just don’t want to work any harder.

Besides, we ONLY accept speaking venues that are on ‘our’ terms...which is one of the important lessons that we will be teaching you.

There’s another big reason that we’re doing this training! Simply put......

The need for ‘our kind’ of Professional Speakers is growing rapidly.

Now, this might sound hard for you to believe, but it’s true. Everyday we are being asked for the names of speakers that we know who can deliver a good (not great...just a good) talk for 60-90 minutes.

In fact, for these students who go through our TRAINING, we are going to make the following opportunities available to them:

But before we get into the details of the training, let’s get clear on what the speaking business is all about — and what people incorrectly believe it is.

There are a lot of myths out there about what you need (or what can hold you back) from being a successful, income-producing public speaker. We’ve heard them often enough that we want to list the truths here, so that you know the myths shouldn’t stand in your way.

* You don't need a golden voice. Average folks with average voices can do great presentations --; if they're well-prepared and they know how to put together a compelling talk the right way.
* "Ordinary people" can make $5,000 - $10,000 for a 60-90 minute talk. Thankfully for us and you, we can make this kind of money. There are plenty of seminar promoters who have written us checks for $5,000, $10,000, $20,000...and much more. In fact, seminar promoters routinely write us huge checks. Do you think they'd be doing that if they didn’t benefit? We'll teach you exactly what that benefit is and how to communicate that benefit to the promoter in a crystal clear way.

* You don't need to belong to a speaker's bureau to make the "big bucks."; Neither one of us have ever once used a speaker's bureau...and we'll bet you the biggest steak in Texas that we BOTH get paid more than 95% of the speakers they represent. Don't get us wrong. We're not against speaker's bureaus. They can be a big help. During our training, we'll show you exactly how to use them so you get the biggest benefit. We'll also give you a list of speakers' bureaus and we'll tell you the real way to use them to boost your income. But really, you don't need them.

* Your promotional kit won't cost you a bundle. Well, your promotional kit can cost a bundle. Speakers who don't know better routinely spend thousands of their hard earned dollars on their promo kits. Many (or maybe most) of them never earn enough money as a speaker to cover the staggering cost of their promo kit. If we use anything, we use a simple sheet of paper, an envelope and a stamp. That's it!

* You can quickly and easily get over your fear of speaking in front of an audience. Will you get nervous the first few times you speak in front of an audience? You bet. But do you know what'll get rid of that nervousness darned fast? How about a check for $5,000, $10,000 or more? How about a standing ovation from a crowd of people who love you for what you told them? Think that'll do it? You bet.

Now let us make one thing perfectly clear. This is no get-rich-quick scheme. You must be willing to follow what we teach you. If you think you can skim through our training and have seminar promoters banging on your door the next day, we don't want to hear from you.

Don't worry -- you won't have to do any cold calling or go pounding on doors with your hat in your hand, pleading for a speaking job. When you follow our TRAINING, seminar promoters will welcome you with open arms because they know they'll win by having you speak at their events.

Bill Glazer and Paul Hartunian take you step-by-step through their strategies for constructing a compelling speech and booking top-dollar speaking engagements which has helped them regularly earn $50,000-$150,000 for just one speech.

Easily earn $5000, $10,000 or more PER SPEECH for a sixty to 90 minute talk without belonging to a speaker’s association, loads of experience or an extraordinary story. Chalk full of secret information you will never hear at another speaker seminar, you’ll get a complete breakdown of the speaking business from two of the best speakers in the business giving you a clear path that will literally change your paradigm of what the speaking business is about.

- Squash your speaking fears
- Get standing ovations
- Land in the BIG TIME

A to Z Presentation Tips

Never run out of fresh material, pick topics that sell and squash your speaking fears with proven tips, tricks and little known voice techniques that will make you so irresistibly persuasive and your speech so compelling that it does all the selling for you without doing any hard-selling or uncomfortable closes.

Everything You Need To Know About Promotional Packages
Put together a professional promotional package without spending a bundle plus what to avoid so you don’t look like a rank amateur and the “security blanket” feature that helps skeptical buyers take a chance on you.

The Exact Contract Paul Hartunian Uses
Find out what you should include in your contract, the “hidden ace” clause you need to protect yourself and get Paul Hartunian’s customizable contract so you can create your own bullet-proof contract in 60 seconds.

Top Dollar Booking Approaches and Publicity Techniques
Get an avalanche of speaking jobs paying BIG Money, break into the lucrative convention and corporate training market and use media with zero advertising costs to help promote yourself.

Fast Product Development and Back-end Money-Making Strategies
Produce sizzling hot products quickly, easily, inexpensively and even free, learn how to create reoccurring income using The “Money Machine Model” and 11 ways to make money after you’re done speaking.

Paul and Bill’s All-Encompassing Formula and Every Juicy Second of Professional Speakers Business Training

Listen on the go, pause to jot down ideas or rewind to review Bill and Paul’s secrets as often as you like with a set of 22 audio CD’s.

Manuals included:
Bill Glazer - Bill Glazer's Close.pdf
Bill Glazer - Fast Product Development.pdf
Bill Glazer - The Secret Of Getting Rich From Speaking.pdf
Paul Hartunian - Confessions Of A Road Warrior.pdf
Paul Hartunian - How Speakers Can Break into The Corporate Market.pdf
Paul Hartunian - How To Create Sizzling Hot Products in To-Time Flat.pdf
Paul Hartunian - How To Find Enough Speaking Engagements To Keep You Busy, Happy & Wealthy.pdf
Paul Hartunian - Transcript Of Paul Hartunian's Publicity Talk.pdf
Paul Hartunian - Working With Agents And Speakers Bureaus.pdf

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Bill Glazer and Paul Hartunian - Professional Speaker s Business Training PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 1.13 GB

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