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Business Management Systems Business Appointment Manager 2010

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Business Appointment Manager 2010 simplifies appointment booking, staff scheduling, billing, and customer management for all types of businesses. Use its visual scheduler to effortlessly schedule appointments, events, groups, meetings, conference rooms, equipment, resources, and more. View side-by-side group schedules, share scheduling information, track resource availability, and plan for staffing needs. Calculate and send invoices as you bill for staff hours, flat fees, inventory, travel, etc. Increase sales and service revenue by thoroughly managing your customer relationships.

Appointment Scheduling Software Overview
If your business lives or dies by smooth appointment scheduling, fast task completion and exact service records, then Business Appointment Manager is your most modern, function-rich appointment scheduling software. Managers and owners need time for customers, staff, planning, and problem solving. Business Appointment Manager software speeds up necessary, but time-consuming, schedule and billing management tasks for appointment-based businesses.

Appointment Scheduling
Business Appointment Manager lets everyone in the office review, schedule, and manage service providers' appointments — on one screen! Through a simple, familiar interface you can change and juggle appointments for countless staff, service groups, rooms, resources, vehicles and inventory.
With Business Appoinment Manager, you can:

Schedule everyone’s appointments — side-by-side all on one screen!
Schedule people, rooms, equipment, and resources - avoid double-booking
See, control and report on every detail
Customize the appointment planner screen to suit your needs and business methods

Billing and Business Management
Business Appointment Manager provides you the tools to manage your customers and sales through simple, efficient dialogs so you can perform your order entry and customer follow-up with ease. You will be able to calculate and send invoices in minutes, not hours, as you bill for staff hours, flat fees, inventory, third-party services, travel, or anything. To complete the circle of information, Business Appointment Manager exports critical data to financial software packages like Microsoft Office Accounting.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
With Business Appointment Manager on your side, you can increase sales and service revenue by thoroughly managing your customer relationships. Send appointment reminders to customers and staff. Through simple screens and detailed reports, you can see contact data and demographics or link, track, and report on prospect and customer communications. You can also track phone and e-mail communications—even documents and materials sent and received.


Visual, multi-column appointment book screen

See, manage and schedule everyone’s appointments on one screen, side-by-side!
Schedule a customer for multiple services at once, with multiple providers, and in multiple places.
Know who’s where, doing what, when, for how long — and tying up what resources
Foresee and resolve appointment scheduling conflicts — end double-bookings
Block out meetings, vacations and unavailable resources
Update appointment scheduling status as things change
Set up Tentative Appointments — Business Appointment Manager will find the next availability
Set appointments to recur Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or on sporadic days/dates.
Work in the “drop-ins” — Drop out the “no-shows”!
Set flexible Reminders and customer-specific Alerts
Add 25 Appointment fields that you name and format
Effortlessly drag and drop Appointments from one day to another or move them weeks or months in seconds

Flexible employee scheduling

Book multiple services or combine services and products together using appointment templates
Reserve rooms, tools, equipment or anything else you must have when making an appointment
Rearrange, Sort, filter, list, format and report your appointments hundreds of ways—in seconds
Format Calendar in daily, weekly or monthly layouts
Attach Alerts about Customer preferences and quirks
Set Calendar’s scheduling intervals
Set color-coded labels to categorize appointments
Create Tabs to filter appointments—by provider, team, specialty, resources, pay grade—you choose it!
Add and format 25 Customizable fields in Appointment Forms to company needs
Pre-set Provider work hours and individual holidays to avoid conflicts
Import existing contacts from everyone’s Microsoft Outlook

Getting and keeping customers

Follow customers from first contact to close of sale
Instantly see details of past and future appointments, services, purchases, and communications records
Follow customer needs from conception through collection
Know when staff has down time. Fill it with cold calls.
Click on a BAM phone or fax number and your modem autodials it
Faster calling, no misdials—and a clear call record in BAM’s database.
Trigger your e-mails from BAM—get a complete, reportable communication trail
Create, reuse and adapt letter templates to speed daily correspondence and e-mails
Import contacts from Outlook
Add and format 25 user-definable fields—text, numbers, dates, checkboxes—in Contact and Customer Forms

Sell, invoice for, track, and report stock levels

Include stock or non-inventory items in appointments
Invoice for inventory and non-inventory items
View real-time inventory status such as quantity on hand, on order, and more
Get easy stock reports to see what’s low
Know inventory levels, set reorder points
Order stock and enter deliveries into BAM with just a few clicks

Reporting power and ease

Report on any appointment, Provider, Customer, Resource, Inventory item, or account
Track payments, outcomes, cancels/no-shows, referrals and other key aspects practice management
Set date ranges, sort, filter, list, and report your company data hundreds of ways
Customize lists and reports to display, sort, filter, group and export fields, even Customizable Fields you’ve created and formatted
Save (memorize) and reuse report templates you have tailored
Drill-down links in actual reports, show you details on staff, customers, appointments, invoices, et al.
Print and export reports in various formats, depending on who needs what
Mail merge directly from from reports to print labels or send form letters to customers

Fast, easy, thorough!

Familiar Microsoft Office® 2007 style user interface reduces complexity and speeds up learning
Contextual tabs bring context sensitive and relevant command options to your attention precisely when they are needed
Extensive context-sensitive right-click mouse options speed frequent tasks
Standard Microsoft Windows user-interface: Drag and drop, right click menus, keyboard shortcuts, function Tabs on left, your appointment-sorting Tabs on right
Each function is a full-featured, robust business application
Integration among functions is seamless and imperceptible because all share a common Microsoft SQL • • Server database
No more double- or triple-entering the same information as in older programs.
BAM technology auto-dials—and then logs—outbound calls, e-mails, and tracks documents in and out from BAM
25 Customizable Fields can require standard formats for Social Security and numeric fields

Cut hours and minutes off everyone’s “busywork”

Right-click on appointments to bring up a context menu with actions as Edit, Delete, Mark Complete, Mark • No-Show, Break, Invoice for services, or Show Customer Record.
Email provider's appointment schedules, appointment reminders, and confirmation
Auto-populate Appointment Forms with Customer contact data
Create multiple appointment views to filter—by provider, team, specialty, resources, pay grade—you name it!
Providers use BAM’s time clock to log calls, appointment and task durations
Set appointment scheduling intervals; work hours and holidays
Set color-coded labels to categorize appointments and see patterns
Sort, filter, list, format and report your appointments in hundreds of ways
Find any appointment in seconds by Provider, Customer, Status, Resources, Phone Number and other fields
Export and print appointment reports in PDFs, Excel, Word


Auto-calculate and insert individual staff rates and totals
Auto-sum appointment durations, services, and time-clock tasks
Show line items for inventory, non-inventory, taxes, even mileage and third-party services and goods
Choose from five ready made Invoice Templates or adapt Invoice forms to your needs
E-mail invoices in PDF or other formats
Know status of every invoice
Extensive sales-tax management tools for VAT, multiple zones and tax authorities
Create and auto-calculate discounts for frequent customers, big account customers, etc.

Collections and revenue

Generate customer statements detailing invoices, payments, credits, and aging balances
Auto-dial and log collection calls and emails—and track each one
Assess finance charges on overdue invoices
See and report company receipts, overall health and details
Project income using periods and filters you specify
See trends in the company, in individual Providers or specific Customers
Export detailed financial data to Microsoft Small Business Accounting-no double entry

Built with the latest technologies

BAM works with on-premise or Web-hosted SQL Server platforms as well as in-the-cloud database services like Microsoft SQL Azure
BAM SQL Server database supports virtually Unlimited Providers, Resources, Contacts, Customers, Appointments, Tasks, Invoices, Communications Records and billing transactions
Multi-user support - with sufficient hardware, thousands of concurrent users can be supported
Remote employees and distant offices can open BAM database over the Internet using a broadband Internet connection or Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Integration with other Microsoft Office programs helps streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks.
BAM is developed in C# to run on top of the advanced Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework for faster task execution, installations and deployments
System integrators can use the BAM software development kit to access and manipulate BAM data, or to create custom plug-ins to extend its functionality

Business Management Systems Business Appointment Manager 2010

Buy!Download Size: 84.37 MB

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