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C-Forge for Linux

Buy!Download Size: 19.83 MB

CodeForge is an integrated development environment for Unix. Providing full project management and complete edit/compile/debug cycle support. With its clear and intuitive user interface development will become easier and more efficient.

The Project Manager gives a visual representation of all of its components through the use of a dependency tree.

Using the concept of project vs. work CodeForge provides Full Team Based Development Support. Changes only effect other users after they are returned to the project.


The GUI Makefile builder provides full abstraction of the "makefile" concept. Project makefiles are maintained by the CodeForge project engine. Intuitive Drag and Drop operations, on the visual dependency tree and project desktop, are automatically converted to make script statements.

CodeForge is fully Drag and Drop enabled between tools. Operations such as file modification, file comparison and revision control are all performed simply by dragging a file form the project desktop to the desired drop site.

New features:

- Team Development Support.
- Revision Control support for: CVS, SCCS, PRCS, Perforce and RCS.
- New Revision Control Tool transparent access to all the supported types of RC. Branch support. CVS tag support.
- New Search/Replace Tool - Revision Control aware, searches files as well as ETAGS files.
- Automatic ETAGS gathering at the project level. Selecting a symbol in the editor and pressing alt-. will cause the editor to jump to the definition of the symbol.
- New merge/diff tool - allows on-the-fly editing of merge results with the built-in editor (auto-indentation, syntax highlighting, etc for all supported languages).
- Rename of files/objects within a project _AND_ in RC Repositories.
- New automatic-dependency gathering for C/C++ and FORTRAN.
- Querix 4gl and eRuby support.

C-Forge for Linux

Buy!Download Size: 19.83 MB

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