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CA ARCserve D2D R16 (1 cd)

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The following new features have been added to CA ARCserve D2D for this


Each time CA ARCserve D2D performs a successful backup, a point-in-time
snapshot image of your backup is also created. This collection of recovery
points allows you to locate and specify exactly which backup image you want
to restore. For Exchange you can then browse these recovery points to locate
the individual objects (mailboxes, mailbox folders, or mail) that you want
to recover.


CA ARCserve D2D provides the capability to directly browse and restore
files/folder and Exchange objects (mailboxes, mail folders, mail) from
Windows Explorer by using the "Change to ARCserve D2D View" option.


The Copy Recovery Points feature can now be launched manually (ad-hoc) or
automatically based upon your specified schedule.


CA ARCserve D2D provides the capability to specify the maximum speed (MB/min)
at which your backups will be written. You can throttle the backup speed to
reduce CPU or network utilization. However, by limiting the backup speed, it
will have an adverse affect on the backup window. As you lower the maximum
backup speed it will increase the amount of time of perform the backup.

Note: By default, the Throttle Backup option is not enabled and backup speed
is not being controlled.


CA ARCserve D2D provides the following email alert notifications:

Missed jobs - Sends an alert notification for any scheduled job that did not
run at the scheduled time.
Backup, Catalog, File Copy, Restore, or Copy Recovery Point job failure/crash -
Sends an alert notification for all unsuccessful backup, catalog, file copy,
restore or copy recovery point job attempts. This category includes all failed,
incomplete, and canceled jobs, and crashed attempts.
Backup, Catalog, File Copy, Restore or Copy Recovery Point job success - Sends
an alert notification for all successful backup, catalog, file copy, restore
or copy recovery point job attempts.
Backup destination free space is less than - Sends an email notification when
the amount of unused space at the backup destination is less than a specified
New Updates Available - Sends an email notification when a new update for CA
ARCserve D2D is available. Email notifications will also be sent if a failure
occurs during the check for updates or during the download.
PKI threshold alerts - Sends an alert notification when any specified
performance key indicator (PKI) threshold is reached. The monitored PKI levels
are CPU Usage (percentage), Memory Usage (percentage), Disk Throughput (MB/
second) and Network I/O (percentage of NIC bandwidth currently using).


CA ARCserve D2D provides the capability to encrypt and protect (with
encryption passwords) your sensitive data and also decrypt the encrypted
data after recovery.

Encryption support is provided for both uncompressed backup format and
compressed backup format. (Uncompressed backup will no longer be VHD format
if encrypted). Windows built-in encryption libraries are used for data
encryption and decryption. For Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008: CAPI (CryptoAPI)
is used for data encryption.

For Windows 7/2008 R2: CNG (Cryptography API Next Generation) is used for
data encryption.

Note: Data interoperability is supported both ways between CAPI and CNG,
meaning that data that is encrypted on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 can be
decrypted on Windows 7/2008 R2 (and vice versa). This enables moving backups
of any machine to a different machine, and restore data from there.

Encryption password management provides a memory feature so that you do not
need to remember encryption passwords when attempting to restore encrypted
data. For every encrypted backup, the encryption password will be saved in
a password list file. As long as you can log into CA ARCserve D2D, there is
no need to remember encryption passwords to restore data from current
backups. (Current backups are defined as backups that were created from the
same machine that you are logged into). If you attempt to restore data from
encrypted backups belonging to a different machine, you will always be asked
to provide the encryption password.


File Copy can be used for copying critical data to secondary locations.
File Copy can also be used as an archiving solution and allow you to safely
and securely delete the source data after it has been copied to an offsite
or secondary storage repository.

CA ARCserve D2D provides the following capabilities to copy or move files
and help you reduce storage cost, meet compliance, and improve data

Note: When you use the File Copy - Delete Source option the data is moved
from the source to the destination (deleted from source location). When you
perform a file copy, the data is copied from the source to the destination
(files remain intact on the original location).

Copy files to disk or cloud based upon your specified policies.
Block-level file copying lets you save and store only the blocks of
the source that have changed since the last file copying. (Significantly
reduces the amount of file copied data).
Select the source to copy, which can be a specific volume(s) or folder(s).
Use filters to include or exclude files based upon your specific criteria
or patterns. Specify a schedule for file copying based upon completion of
a specified number successful backups.
File copy versions of the same source at the specified destination.
Encrypt file copied data for security.
Compress data before performing file copying process.
Specify how long to retain file copy data.
Specify how many versions of the data you can have on the destination.

Provides the following capabilities for downloading and installing self-
updates to CA ARCserve D2D:

Check for new available updates to CA ARCserve D2D (manually initiated
from the UI or system tray monitor or automatically as scheduled).
Trigger automatic or manual downloading of updates.
Specify a custom schedule to automatically perform periodic checks
for updates.
Trigger installation of updates either from the UI, the system tray
monitor, or silently from the command line.
Specify to send automatic email notifications when new updates become
available (or when problems occur).
Configure the client and/or a staging server to connect to CA Support
(directly or via a proxy server) to download available updates. (A staging
server is a CA ARCserve D2D installed machine which is used as a temporary
storage location for downloading an update before it is installed into
a CA ARCserve D2D client machine from that staging server).
Use staging servers for clients that have limited access to the internet.
Configure multiple staging servers for downloading the updates. If the
primary staging server is unavailable, the download function will
automatically transfer to the next specified staging server.
Remote deploy from one machine to another and let you move all updates
configuration and email settings from that first machine to the deployed

CA ARCserve D2D R16 (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 398.09 MB

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