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CD-Adapco Star-CD 4.18.019 for Linux

Buy!Download Size: 1.24 GB

CD-adapco presents the release of 4.18 of STAR-CD and es-ice IC Engine simulation software, which brings powerful new capabilities in both the preprocessing and solver environments.

In es-ice, the user is now able to automatically generate 2-dimensional templates for the in-cylinder mesh, substantially speeding up the time to generate an optimum 3-dimensional mesh, and to be able to refine or coarsen the mesh with a single command. This is particularly powerful for advanced studies, such as comparing RANS with LES calculations where different mesh densities are desirable. Additional options are now available for the spray-adapted mesh which can be used to enhance accuracy in spray simulations.

New options are available in STAR-CD for including detailed chemistry within combustion calculations. Together with our partner DigAnaRS, it is now possible to use detailed chemistry mechanisms within DARS to either generate libraries directly for the ECFM-3Z combustion model or to use those mechanisms with the DARS-TIF flamelet-based model. This is an extremely powerful capability and, although CD-adapco and DigAnaRS will provide an ever-increasing range of chemistry mechanisms, either the user or a 3rdparty are also able to use their own chemistry mechanisms within this framework. Thus, users’ proprietary chemistry mechanisms for any fuel can be used with the structural flame models available in STAR-CD.

An additional advantage of the new detailed chemistry option is that E-fuels, B-fuels and dual-fuel engines can be simulated correctly from fuel injection, evaporation and mixing through to combustion with full detailed chemistry.

There are also substantial enhancements to both the ECFM-CLEH combustion model and the ELSA spray model, both of which potentially offer a superior approach for diesel combustion.

Other modeling enhancements include improvements to the spray impingement model to take better account of wall temperatures above the liquid saturation temperature and Leidenfrost effects and options to model real gas compressibility using appropriate equations of state. Both of these enhancements address trends in engine design where spray-wall impingement and higher cylinder pressures are prevalent.

About CD-adapco

CD-adapco ( is the world's largest independent CFD focused CAE provider. Our core products are the technology-leading simulation packages, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD. The scope of our activities, however, extends well beyond CFD software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in fluid dynamics, heat transfer and structural engineering. Our on-going mission is to "inspire innovation and reduce costs through the application of engineering simulation software and services."

A privately owned company, CD-adapco has maintained 17% organic year-on-year growth over the last 5 years. CD-adapco employs 700 talented individuals, working at 30 different offices across the globe.

Name: CD-Adapco Star-CD
Version: 4.18.019
Interface: english
OS: Linux

CD-Adapco Star-CD 4.18.019 for Linux

Buy!Download Size: 1.24 GB

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