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Carbonate Reservoirs Porosity Evolution and Diagenesis in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework by Clyde H. Moore PDF eBook

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"Carbonate Reservoirs: Porosity Evolution and Diagenesis in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework" by Clyde H. Moore (Repost)
Developments in Sedimentology 55
Elsеviеr Science | 2001 | ISBN: 0444508384 0444508503 9780444508386 | 461 pages | PDF | 37 MB

This book should be useful to any geologist interested in carbonate sediments and rocks, and the porosity/diagenesis models will be particularly useful to exploration/production geologists. The book will be a good text for advanced carbonate courses at graduate level, and an appropriate reference book for graduate students working with, or interested in, carbonate rock sequences and sediments.

This comprehensive text will provide the reader with an integrated overview of diagenesis and porosity evolution in carbonate petroleum reservoirs and ancient carbonate rock sequences.
• The initial chapters of this volume provide an overview of the carbonate sedimentologic system and the application of sequence stratigraphic concepts to carbonate rock sequences. The nature of carbonate porosity and its control by diagenesis is explored. Porosity classification schemes are detailed, compared, and their utility examined. The nature and characteristics of diagenetic environments and tools for their recognition in the ancient record are specified.
• The middle chapters of the book consist of a thorough examination of the major, surficial diagenetic environments, such as normal marine, evaporative marine and meteoric environments, emphasising porosity modifying processes illustrated by numerous case histories. There follows a summary of early diagenesis and porosity evolution couched in a sequence stratigraphic, climatic and tectonic framework. Predictive porosity/diagenesis models are developed. The fate of early-formed porosity is explored in the burial diagenetic regimen in a tectonic framework. Factors controlling porosity destruction, porosity preservation and porosity enhancement are outlined and illustrated by case histories.
• The final chapter consists of three well-constrained economically important case histories that serve to summarise the concepts and exploration/production strategies developed earlier.
• The epilogue gives the reader a sense of the legacy of important earlier workers, the present state of the art and the author's sense of where the science of carbonate reservoirs needs to go in the future.

Brief Contents
1 The Nature of the Carbonate Depositional System Original Research Article
2 Concepts of Sequence Stratigraphy as Applied to Carbonate Depositional Systems Original Research Article
3 The Nature and Classification of Carbonate Porosity Original Research Article
4 Diagenetic Environments of Porosity Modification and Tools for their Recognition in the Geologic Record Original Research Article
5 Normal Marine Diagenetic Environments Original Research Article
6 Evaporative Marine Diagenetic Environments Original Research Article
7 Diagenesis in the meteoric environment Original Research Article
8 Summary of early diagenesis and porosity modification of carbonate reservoirs in a sequence stratigraphic and climatic framework Original Research Article
9 Burial diagenetic environment Original Research Article
10 Porosity evolution from sediment to reservoir: Case histories Original Research Article
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Carbonate Reservoirs Porosity Evolution and Diagenesis in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework  by Clyde H. Moore PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 35.48 MB

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