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CineSamples CineHarp 1.1 KONTAKT (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 533.38 MB

Cinesamples is proud to present our workhorse harp library with a fresh
tune up and a new paint job . presenting CineHarp 1.1.

New GUI . New Features:

Time Locked Glissandi

The glissandi patches now have tempo awareness through Kontakt and your
sequencer. Now CineHarp and Hollywoodwinds can work together in perfect

Custom Reverb Positioning included three impulse responses from our private collection for
exclusive use with cineharp. Allowing one click typical wide orchestral
positioning (Left or Right) or more soloist-type positioning at the

Plucking Arpeggiator/Repetition Scripting:

If you enjoy making your own glissandi you can activate the tempo syncing
arpeggatior on the tri-layeredpluck patch to maximum effect, its very
simple and fun to use. Employ two fingers to get a glissandi of custom
length (between finger one and two). Note that these are entirely different
from the hundreds of recorded glissandi in the glissandi patch. The new
repetition scripting does well to mask any machine gunning which might

One . Keyswitchable . Glissandi Patch

A real space saver! Now all the scale tunings in the glissandi section
are attached to a keyswitch and a knob. The knob can be controlled by
any midi fader on your midi controller also. We love saving virtual
real estate! This was our must requested feature and we are happy to give
it to you.

We also included other features like Notation View Wallpaper, noise
reduction, three band EQ and more.

In CineHarp you get glissandi in five scale tunings in all keys:

* Major
* Harmonic Minor
* Whole Tone
* Diminished Scale
* Half Diminished / Dominant 9

Each scale tuning was sampled in a variety of glissandi styles with mod
wheel controlling the length of glissando:

* Straight Up (Short, Medium, Long)
* Straight Down (Long)
* Swirled Up (Short, Medium, Long)
* Ad Lib (Gentle up/down, Swirly, w/ nail)

In addition to all that, each glissandi style was sampled in forte and
piano dynamics, controlled by velocity. The possibilites are endless!

The Included Pluck Patch is the instrumental companion to CineHarp
Glissandi, recorded in the same studio with the same harpist. It is a
three layer, full ranged patch It has a very warm and courtly tone, and
like CineHarp it is recorded mostly dry with a touch of hall mics. This
mix allows for integration with templates of all sorts.

CineSamples CineHarp 1.1 KONTAKT (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 533.38 MB

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