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Cyclomancy The Secret of Psychic Power Control PDF eBook

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Cyclomancy: The Secret of Psychic Power Control
Language: English | PDF | ISBN-10: N/A | ASIN: B0006BOOJQ | 1966 | 209 pages | 15 MB

1001 magic techniques for achieving your heart's desire, including: move objects without touching them; travel with your astral body; materialize objects out of thin air; make yourself young again by rolling back your age; increase photon power of your radio waves; using your cochlear electricity; how to use psychic power hearing; much more.

Cyclomancy is of course a type of divination, but not in this book :

This book shows you how you may develop amazing mystical powers. Powers of healing, powers of materialization, powers of prophecy and thought transference—and others even more startling. It clearly proves that Magic really exists, and shows how—without so much as lifting a finger—incredible results may be achieved!

CYCLOMANCY (another name for White Magic) is simply the use of certain hidden powers that we all possess. Powers given to us long before books were invented. Forgotten powers. For example, like most people you probably don’t know how to move objects without touching them. But you still possess the power to do it!

This power lies sleeping within you right nowl So do many others! Powers like x-ray vision, astral projection, hypnotic mental attraction, and power hearing, to name just a few!

In every area of your life, you’ll find that CYCLOMANCY can bring incredible results. For example, with x-ray vision, as this book shows you;

The psychic master sees through brick walls, solid steel and granite, perceives what goes on in an adjoining room or in some place nearby. With Psychic Power Vision he reads passages from closed books, reads sealed letters and observes the contents of locked steel boxes. The very ground over which he treads grows transparent to him and he can peer down into its depths. Inside the earth... he can discover veins of mineral, coal, oil and underground streams.

And yet these magic techniques are not difficult to use at all. On the contrary, they require no unusual abilities, no expensive equipment of any kind. Just read the instructions and do the exercises, and you may awaken astonishing powers you never dreamed possible.

No mirrors pls!

Cyclomancy The Secret of Psychic Power Control PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 14.92 MB

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