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EJ Technologies JProfiler 3.3 for Mac

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JProfiler is an award-winning all-in-one Java
profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find
performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and
resolve threading issues.

Memory profiling

JProfiler's memory view section offers dynamically
updated views on memory usage and allocations. All
views can show live and garbage collected objects.

Class monitor
Shows classes and their instances. You can mark
current values and show differences.

Allocation monitor
Shows a call tree with annotated allocations of
selected classes.

Allocation hot spots
Shows a list of methods that allocate selected
classes. You can mark current values and show
differences. The tree of backtraces can be shown for
each hot spot.

Memory statistics
Shows package statistics of objects and allocation

Heap walker

In JProfiler's heap walker you can take a snapshot of
the heap and drill down to objects of interest by
performing selection steps. The heap walker has four

Shows all classes and their instances.

Shows allocation tree and allocation hot spots.

Shows a graph of references for individual objects
offers a "show path to garbage collector root"
functionality. Also offers cumulated views for
incoming and outgoing references.

Shows instance and class data for individual objects.

CPU profiling

JProfiler offers various ways to record the call tree
to optimize for performance or detail. The thread or
thread group as well as the thread status can be
chosen for all views. The CPU view section contains:

Invocation tree
Shows a cumulated top-down tree of all recorded ca
sequences in the JVM.

Hot spots
Shows the list of the most time consuming methods. The
tree of backtraces can be shown for each hot spot.

Method graph
Shows a graph of call sequences starting from sele

CPU statistics
Shows package, class and method statistics.

Thread profiling

For thread profiling, JProfiler offers the followi

Thread history
Shows a timeline with thread activity and thread

Thread monitor
Shows a list of all live threads with their curren

Deadlock detection graph
Shows a graph of all deadlocks in the JVM.

Current monitor usage
Shows the currently used monitors and their associated

Monitor usage history
Shows the history of significant waiting and blocking

Monitor usage statistics
Shows statistics for monitors grouped by monitors,
threads and classes of monitors.

VM telemetry

To observe the internal state of your JVM, JProfiler
offers various telemetry views:

Shows a timeline with a graph of the used heap and
heap size.

Shows a timeline with a graph of live objects and

Garbage collector
Shows a timeline with a graph of garbage collector

Shows a timeline with a graph of loaded classes.

Shows a timeline with a graph of active threads.

JProfiler 3.3 introduces the following notable new

The eclipse 3.x integration was rewritten. The new
integration now supports all standard run types in
eclipse. Profiling and running your applications are
now very similar.

The IDEA 4.x integration was also rewritten. The new
integration now supports all standard run types in
IDEA including web applications.

Profiling settings are now configured in the
startup/connection section of the "Edit
configurations" dialog.

A new JDeveloper 10g integration was added. All types
of run targets can be profiled from within JDeveloper.

A new IDE integration for Netbeans 4.0 was added that
allows you to profile standard Java projects and web
projects conveniently from within Netbeans 4.0.

In the cumulated incoming reference view of the he
walker, you can now either display the counts and
sizes of the reference holders or of the referenced
objects. Also, there are now two corresponding
selection steps. This makes it much easier to work
with certain kinds of memory leaks.

JProfiler can now reliably keep the VM alive so you
can continue to analyze profiling data even after
application has exited.

JProfiler now consumes a lot less memory than previous
versions. This and other enhancements as well as bug
fixes ensure a much better stability when profiling
for extended periods of time.

Many new integration wizards were added. New
integration wizards include:

IBM WSAD (server integration)
Pramati 3.5 and Pramati 4.x application server
Websphere 4.0 Advanced Edition
Sun Java System Web Server
Sun Java System Application Server
Oracle 10g Application server
Apple WebObjects Developer 5.x

EJ Technologies JProfiler 3.3 for Mac

Buy!Download Size: 10.18 MB

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