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Fuzzy Preference Modelling and Multicriteria Decision Support by Janos Fodor and Marc Roubens PDF eBook

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"Fuzzy Preference Modelling and Multicriteria Decision Support" by János Fodor and Marc Roubens
Fundamental Theories of Physics. Serie D: System Theory, Knowledge Engineering and Problem Solving, Volume
Springer Science+Business Media | 1994 | ISBN: 0792331168 9789401716482 9780792331162 | 265 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book provides in-depth coverage of the most important results about fuzzy logic including negations, conjunctions, disjunctions, implications and gives the interrelations between those different connectives. The work brings together multiple results about valued binary relations satisfying diverse transitivity-type conditions. The monograph is mathematically oriented but the results will be of the greatest interest for engineers and economists who design and implement decision support systems in practice.

The authors propose the first sound introduction to valued preference modelling through the systematic use of fuzzy set theory and functional equations and derive the possible foundations for multicriteria decision aid using aggregation, ranking and choice procedures on the basis of axiomatic results. The text presents a unified view of various multicriteria decision making tools that have been independently derived in the past, dealing with pairwise comparisons.
The book is supplied with a sufficient number of examples to make it attractive to nonspecialists.

Brief Contents
1 Fuzzy logical connectives
2 Valued binary relations
3 Valued preferencemodeHing
4 Similarity relations and valued orders
5 Aggregation Operations
6 Ranking procedures
7 Multiple criteria decision making
8 Summary, perspectives and open problems
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Fuzzy Preference Modelling and Multicriteria Decision Support  by Janos Fodor and Marc Roubens PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 8.51 MB

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