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How to Have More Time Practical Ways to Put an End to Constant Busyness and Design a Time-Rich Lifestyle by Martin Meadows Audiobook M4B 64kbps

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May 12, 2016
M4B@64 kbps
2 hrs 6 mins
Narrator: John Gagnepain

Learn how to put an end to busyness and finally have more time to live your life on your own terms.

"I don't have time."

When was the last time you heard that or said it yourself? A few days ago? Yesterday? Today?

Every day is full of things to do, people to see, and decisions to make. When do you get time for yourself, and what you really want to do?

Time is your most precious commodity; everyone has only so much. So why do you spend it like you have an unlimited supply? When the Grim Reaper finally comes for you, will you smile, remembering all the experiences you had that made you happy, or will you think back with a tear at all the "what ifs" you missed because you just didn't have the time?

How to Have More Time will help you reclaim your time for you, your goals, and your sanity. Learn some of the tricks to make the time for a healthier lifestyle: have time to eat better food, exercise more, and surround yourself with people who are good for you.

In this audiobook you'll discover:

The biggest time suck in your life and ways you can better deal with it. Trends show more and more people are starting to get how big of a time suck this one thing is; you're about to find out the what, why, and how.
How working harder is actually counterproductive and ends up taking more time - and you can learn what to do instead.
How to maximize your time to do everything you need to and still have time for yourself. Yes, it is possible to have your cake and eat it, too.
How a materialistic lifestyle robs you of precious time and why it's a surefire way to attract unhappiness in your life.
The silent robbers that do nothing but steal time from you.

Take the journey through this book to cut away the unessential and maximize the use of your time.

How to Have More Time Practical Ways to Put an End to Constant Busyness and Design a Time-Rich Lifestyle by Martin Meadows Audiobook M4B 64kbps

Buy!Download Size: 47.24 MB

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