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MAGIX Digital Photo Maker 8 d-version 6.01.461

Buy!Download Size: 101.9 MB

Usually MAGIX labels these as e-versions and in some areas it
says this one is.We used what the executable shows and thats
Download Version, which is why release is labeled d-version now.

Manage . Optimize . Present: Treat your photos and videos using
the multiple award winner MAGIX Digital Photo Maker 8.

With the complete solution from MAGIX, managing your digital
recordings becomes child's play. Now even more powerful: The
highly developed DynamicView technology offers the best
performance even with large files and folders.

Top Features:

Complete photo management . incredibly simple! All steps are
comfortably united in one program . from easy camera import using
professional archiving functions to high-quality export for
printing. Get your family and friends excited with perfect
photos, multimedia presentations, brilliant printouts, photo
books and many other creative gift ideas.

NEW: Automatic panorama functions
NEW: RAW import for over 270 camera models
NEW: Top performance thanks to the DynamicView technology
NEW: Transfer to digital picture frames
PLUS: Fraunhofer PhotoID. & FaceID.

More intelligent, faster than ever!:

Intelligent archiving

Organize your photos and videos comfortably: Experience importing
from digital cameras and mobile phone cameras and the results as
a miniature preview in your photo and video archive in record
time, even with large files! Archive your visual media with the
integrated database according to diverse criteria and your own
categories. Organization of your data according to the date it
was created takes place automatically.

By the way, changes to the database are reversible, so you can
always restore things to their previous settings whenever you
want to.

NEW: RAW import for over 270 camera models

Impressive performance thanks to the new DynamicView technology

Experience a fast workflow for presenting your photos and videos,
import enormous amounts of data, optimize it quickly in real-time
and place it systematically into albums. Now, even faster thanks
to the DynamicView technology. Flexible display and management
modes support you by logically sorting your media by criteria
such as date, file and camera type, EXIF data, and theme or
rating to make it easy to find them later. File descriptions can
be changed quickly with a practical batch renaming function.

Better sorting, quicker finding!:

Better sorting and locating

Digital Photo Maker was developed to keep your growing media
archive comprehensive. For this there are especially clever
functions for sorting, cataloging and finding your files; For
example, you can create your own categories.

This means that you control how your files are arranged without
having to copy them multiple times and place them in different
directories. For example, you might take a picture of the sunset
in Spain with your favorite camera. At the same time you could
design the process so that all of your photos from Spain,
sunsets, or all of the photos from your favorite camera could be
found according to these criteria and viewed with a single click.

Detect duplicates: Fraunhofer. PhotoID.

In order to detect if you have multiple similar photos or its
copies, there's PhotoID, a technology developed by Fraunhofer
Institute. Want to find all of your existing beach photos? No
problem! This makes it easy to rid your hard drive of unnecessary

Face recognition & photo rating:

Truly personal photos: With Fraunhofer. FaceID.

A revolutionary development from the Fraunhofer. Institute
analyses and recognizes faces automatically in digital photos.
You can add names to the faces that have been identified easily
and find them again and again, regardless of which directory they
are in. All of the photos of your children at a glance . it's
child's play with FaceID!

Determine usage: Rate photos

Your database possesses the attractive possibility to organize
photos according to their rating. A scale from one to five is
available to you to evaluate how your photos are organized and
selected. A single star might be suitable for all of your photos
which require correction, four stars for those which are suitable
for printing and five for those favorites which you would like to
process for a special gift.

MAGIX Screenshare and archive backup:

MAGIX Screenshare

Exchange with other users live over the Internet is now possible
with MAGIX Screenshare: Begin screen transfer directly within the
program or via the menu "@Services" to look, help, and comment

Automatic protection

Burn your photo and video archive regularly and automatically
onto CD or DVD completely or partially.

Directories or partitions on the hard drive can be supervised and
access to them can be added in the database.

Quick optimization & red eye correction:

Optimize quickly

Complete series of images can be titled, turned, optimized,
edited, converted and, copied in seconds. Comprehensive, quick
optimization, from auto contrast to white balance, creates
radiantly beautiful photos with brilliant color with just one

Especially impressive: Auto color and horizontal alignment!

* Optimal brightness
* Perfect contrast
* Flawless sharpness & depth
* Brilliant color spectrum

For complete image sequences!

Intelligent presets: In order to work even more efficiently,
there are practical templates which can be customized for all of
your camera models and additional presets for mobile phone images
to correct typical errors with just a single click.

Red eye filter

Correction of photo flash damaged portraits functions best
automatically. Red eyes are recognized by the correction mode of
the software and now more reliably corrected.

Of course, a precise improvement can also be applied with the
correction tool. Bothethods produce optimal results.

Image editing & panorama function:

MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6

Detailed image editing, collages and creative design with filters
and effects is supported by MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6's Task
Assistant more intuitively and quickly than ever before.

Complex photo tasks like retouching or cloning can be taken care
of quickly and reliably with the perfect editing tools. For
example: stamp, magic wand, magnetic lasso, and more...

Effect filters can restore optical blemishes or produce a
silkscreen or painting effect. Get ready to be surprised by your
excellent image compositions!

NEW: Automatic panorama functions

Exciting from every angle: Up to six single images can be placed
together to create panoramas. For this, the software recognizes
exposure distance and corrects lens and perspective distortions
as needed. The panorama tool can be used for any photo montage to
produce wide format images.

To viewing the panoramas, a virtual camera glides along, letting
you admire impressions of your work fullscreen and in detail.

High quality prints and more:

Individual photos and image series in any format

Print whatever you want; it's easy, uncomplicated and thrifty .
image series, posters, postcard puzzles, calendars, CD/DVD covers
and labels, and much more!

NEW: Put your photos on paper with style!

Your favorite images easily, individually and in whatever format
you desire on your printer at home: 9x13, 10x15, etc.

Here you'll also find help for your gift ideas! For example, you
can design your own personal photo calendars. Even at the very
last minute! Or maybe you would like to beautify your homemade
CDs & DVDs with a customized cover and sticker.

New! Photos can now be transferred to digital picture frames and
mobile players.

Digital picture frames and mobile playback devices enjoy an ever
bigger popularity and can now be found in many households. Of
course, these devices are also supported by MAGIX Digital Photo
Maker 8. Photos, videos and music can be transferred with just a
few clicks to compatible BluetoothTM devices and SD card readers.
This lets you enjoy your most beautiful media at all times and

Present & exchange online:

Present photos, music and videos online

Present your photos and slideshows worldwide with your free MAGIX
Online Album. Privately for family and friends, or publicly to
the whole MAGIX Community.

* Full screen slide shows with text and music on your own album
website with exciting new Flash designs
* Upload photos, videos, and music and play it back in mixed
albums online!
* Upload pictures straight from your mobile phone to your Online
* Upload playlists and play them online
* Embed slide shows as Flash video on other Internet sites and

The Multimedia Knowledge Community

At any time you can trade tips and tricks with other users to
find out how things work in a flash. Your questions will be
answered by professionals and experienced users. The goal of the
community is to share and discuss interactively. In addition to
this you, will find online workshops, consumer advice and more
interesting information about MAGIX products.

For More Info On MAGIX Digital Photo Maker 8 Visit:

MAGIX Digital Photo Maker 8 d-version 6.01.461

Buy!Download Size: 101.9 MB

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