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Finally, the tutorial we've all been waiting for - Logic's Mastering

Watch as our Star Logic trainer, Steve H, demonstrates deep and
fundamental concepts in the proper use of plugins to Master your tracks
like a pro. But that's not all ...

This program starts with an overview of the history of mastering, and
how the unique trade of the "Mastering Technician" grew as audio
transitioned from wax cylinders, to the phonograph, tape, compact disc,
and now digital files like MP3s.

With a solid understanding of the history, you will next move on to
the present day and learn how to master great sounding music in Logic.
Along the way, you'll explore all of the important mastering plugins
in Logic, including compressors, limiters, and EQ. But this isn't just
a simple "point-and-explain" tutorial ... Steve provides comprehensive
detail not only on how to use these powerful Mastering DSP plugins,
but also WHY you want to use them to achieve certain effects with your

If you need to make BIG audio, this tutorial will show you the way.
Drawing on over 30 years of experience as an audio engineer, and
drawing on incredible input from his stable of industry friends
(including Grammy award winning Mastering Technicians like Phil Magnotti),
Steve H has provided with his Magnum Opus tutorial on
Mastering with Logic.

This tutorial is MANDATORY viewing for anyone creating music in Logic. Logic - 401 Logics Mastering Toolbox Tutorial (1 dvd)

Buy!Download Size: 638.75 MB

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