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Learn how digital audio works as you build a song from the ground up using Logic.

With its all-in-one interface, enhanced editing functions, and low price, Logic 8
(part of Logic Studio) is bound to make waves in the audio editing community. This
tutorial program covers important Level 1 aspects of editing, recording, mixing,
and outputting songs using this incredible application.

This tutorial is applicable to both Logic Pro 8 and Logic Express 8. Through the
course of this tutorial you will go through the process of building an actual song!
You can even download the finished song files and deconstruct, analyze, or remix
the final song for yourself.

Chapter 1 begins the exploration of Logic while examining how audio works, starting
with the most basic waveform, a sine wave! Through the chapter, you will look closely
at how amplitude and frequency combine to make sound. We even jump into Soundtrack
Pro for a bit to do some deep analysis of frequency (hey, it's Logic Studio now, so
why not?!).??

In Chapter 2, you will explore song construction and phrasing by using Apple Loops
to begin laying out your song. This chapter will demonstrate how to work with tempo
and pitch while time-stretching audio files and apple loops to keep pace with your
song. You'll also learn some interesting techniques for changing the look of your
arrange window, including using custom colors for Tracks and Regions, as well as
creating your own custom Track icons.

Chapters 3 and 4 get into the nitty-gritty of editing MIDI and Audio regions. While
these chapters are designed to provide basic information you'll build upon later in
the program, so advanced features (including Step Recording MIDI data and creating
Folders to group regions) are covered in these chapters.

Chapter 5 takes a close look at the process of bouncing, creating MP3 files, and using
key commands. Along the way, you'll learn how to choose bit depths for compressed
files, and attach metadata such as band and track names that will show up when the
listener opens your songs in iTunes.

In Chapter 6, you'll look closely at the process of recording in Logic. You'll learn
how to set record levels, how to do basic, punch, and replace recordings, and even
how to cycle record. I also cover multi-take recording and Logic 8's new "Quick Swipe
comping" ... some really great features of Logic! I had a lot of fun recording this
section, particularly as I used my two star vocalists for certain parts of the tutorial
(it's amazing how much vocals can add to a track!)??

Chapter 7 goes over using screensets, and layering instruments to make big, lush sounds
for your mixes. In this section you'll take a good look at the Environment and explore
how to manage layers and objects in the Environment, as well as how to cable objects
together to route signal through different Environment objects. This "first look" at
the Environment that is meant to provide a solid foundation you can use for further
exploration into the Environment in tutorials such as the Logic 303: Logic TNT.??

Chapter 8 begins our exploration of Mixing and DSP effects. This chapter includes tips
for using Noise Gates and Logic's Strip Silence feature, and also discusses how to
effectively use folders and aliases in your arrangements. You'll also be introduced to
the Mixer window, and see how Mix groups and multiple output instruments like Ultrabeat
can be used to full advantage in your projects. But that's not all ... the final half
of this chapter concentrates on one of Logic's best features - automation! You'll learn
how to use realtime and static automation, including automation curves, to create
evolving ambiences in your music.

Chapter 9 is a bonus section covering mix tips. You'll see how EQs, compressors, and
limiters combine to make your finished mix sparkle, every time. Logic 101 Core Logic 8 for Mac (1 dvd)

Buy!Download Size: 1.65 GB

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