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Given the deep-insider Mastering concepts and secrets revealed in this
title, this tutorial is suitable for people working with any DAW, from
Pro Tools, to Logic, Live, and beyond.

"Pro Tools 401: Mastering in Pro Tools" begins with an actual mix.
Phil begins the tutorial by cleaning-up a mix and preparing it for the
mastering process. Along the way you'll learn valuable skills like how
to prepare and bounce stem files, and even how to properly calibrate
your monitors so you know you're hearing the sound the way you should be!

Next, Phil takes you through a few of the indispensable tools he uses
in his Mastering workflow. From there you'll move on to explore Peak
limiting, dithering and Noise Shaping in full detail.

You've heard that compression is the center-peice of all audio mastering,
but you've probably spent a lot of time wondering why. Wonder no longer,
because Phil next takes you on a tour de force through the process of
properly compressing the dynamic range of your master. You'll learn how
to use standard and multiband compression, how to us Mid/Side compression,
and a few other valuable tips like using de-essers and Dynamic EQ.

Towards the end of the program, Phil gets into the nitty-gritty of using
Filters and EQ, analyzing signal flow and plugin chains, simulating the
analog sound of tape, and then burning your final master disc.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire
show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find
topics of interest. For a full list of this tutorials topics,
see the Table of Contents. Pro Tools8 401 Mastering In Pro Tools Tutorial (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 751.96 MB

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