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Pluralsight Understanding Web Service Specifications in WCF

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Mohamad Halabi
5h 44m

SOAP isn't dead yet! Enterprises have invested loads of money in the past decade to build their integrations on top of SOAP. WS-* specifications are extensions to SOAP that add capabilities to support advanced integration scenarios. This course first explains the origins of these standards, and then explains in detail some of the most important ones. Each module covers one or a group of related standards, the business needs, and WCF implementation.

├───01 Introduction
│ 01-Introduction
│ 02-SOAP Isn’t Dead...Yet!
│ 03-WCF Service Model and Channel Layer
│ 04-Prerequisites
│ 05-Tools

├───02 Essentials of Web Service Specifications
│ 06-Introduction
│ 07-Specifications vs. Standards
│ 08-WS- The Need for Interoperability
│ 09-Standards Organizations (W3C, OASIS, WS-I)
│ 10-The Leap from WSE 3.0 to WCF
│ 11-Introduction to SOAP
│ 12-SOAP Message Path and Roles
│ 13-SOAP Binding
│ 14-Introduction to WSDL
│ 15-WSDL Structure
│ 16-Side Note SOAP vs. WCF Encoding
│ 17-Summary

├───03 Core Messaging
│ 18-Introduction
│ 19-The Case for WS-Addressing
│ 20-WS-Addressing Specification Overview
│ 21-WS-Addressing Constructs
│ 22-Demo Basic WS-Addressing in WCF
│ 23-Demo WCF Duplex Servicess to a Saga.mp4
│ 24-MTOM
│ 25-WCF MTOM Encoding
│ 26-Demo Using MTOM
│ 27-Summary

├───04 Reliable Messaging
│ 28-Introduction
│ 29-The Case for Reliable Messaging
│ 30-But Isn’t TCP Reliability Enough
│ 31-WS-ReliableMessaging Specification Overview
│ 32-WS-ReliableMessaging Messages
│ 33-Reliable Messaging in WCF
│ 34-Bindings Session Support
│ 35-Demo Reliable Messaging
│ 36-Demo Retries in Action
│ 37-Summary

├───05 WS-Security Essentials
│ 38-Introduction
│ 39-The Need for Security Standards
│ 40-The WS-Security Standard
│ 41-A Primer on Certificates, Encryption, and Digital Signature
│ 42-WS-Security Messages
│ 43-WCF Symmetric and Asymmetric Binding Elements
│ 44-Demo Symmetric and Asymmetric Binding Elements
│ 45-Summary

├───06 WS-Security in WCF
│ 46-Introduction
│ 47-Steps Overview to Configure WS-Security in WCF
│ 48-Step1 Basic Message Security Settings
│ 49-Step2 Service Credentials
│ 50-Step3 Client Authentication
│ 51-Setting Certificate Authorities and Certificates
│ 52-Demo Username Authentication over Message Security
│ 53-Demo X.509 Authentication over Message Security
│ 54-Reducing Overhead with WS-SecureConversation
│ 55-Demo WS-SecureConversation
│ 56-Summary

├───07 Claims-Based Security
│ 57-Introduction
│ 58-The Need for WS-Trust
│ 59-More About Secure Token Service (STS)
│ 60-WS-Trust and WS-Security Go Hand in Hand
│ 61-Security Tokens
│ 62-Proof of Possession Tokens
│ 63-WS-Trust Messages
│ 64-WS-Trust and WS-Federation in WCF WIF
│ 65-Demo Extending WCF with WIF
│ 66-Demo Client Configuration
│ 67-Demo Running the WS-Trust scenario
│ 68-The Need for WS-Federation
│ 69-Demo Federation Setup
│ 70-Demo Running the WS-Federation Scenario
│ 71-WS-Federation Passive and Active Profiles
│ 72-Summary

├───08 Transactions
│ 73-Introduction
│ 74-The Need for Transactions
│ 75-Resource Managers and ACID Attributes
│ 76-Long Running and Atomic Transactions
│ 77-DTC and the 2 Phase Commit Protocol
│ 78-WS-Coordination
│ 79-WS-AtomicTransaction
│ 80-Transaction Flow in WCF
│ 81-Demo WS-AT in WCF
│ 82-Summary

├───09 Metadata
│ 83-Introduction
│ 84-The Case for WS-MetadataExchange
│ 85-WS-MetadataExchange Specification Overview
│ 86-WS-MetadataExchange Messages
│ 87-Metadata in WCF
│ 88-WS-Policy
│ 89-Demo WS-Policy
│ 90-Summary

└───Exercise files

Pluralsight Understanding Web Service Specifications in WCF

Buy!Download Size: 854.84 MB

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