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PureMagnetik MicroTron Tape 2 For KONTAKT 3 (1 cd)

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MK II Flute
Undoubtedly the sound that defines Mellotron, the MKII flute instantly conjures images of 1967
Abbey Road. Not only the most famous Mellotron sound, but perhaps the eeriest, the MKII flute's
dubious pitching has been in question throughout the decades. The change in timbre (they say
two flutes were used) and odd intonation only adds to the haunting and mesmerizing character
of this timeless sound.

Octave Recorders
The Octave Recorder is a newer sound composed of soprano, alto and tenor recorders. Playing
fast staccato chords on this one can make it sound a bit like a harmonium. It has a solid woody
tone with breathy articulations and is definitely a contender to fill up the mix with some
organic elements.

Renown for its melancholy timbre and described by some as "wheezing and groaning" the Cello
sound was originally recorded in the 1960s. A double bassist was used for the lower registers.
Apparently the original session cellist did not wish to detune his cello for fear of damaging
the instrument. Nonetheless, the Mellotron Cello recording is undoubtedly a unique character
in the tape library.

Microtron Tape 2 for Ableton Live Kontakt and Logic
This second installment of Puremagnetik's Microtron series brings three classic sounds from
original Mellotron tapes direct to your DAW.

Microtron is undoubtedly the most comprehensive, natively programmed Mellotron sound set for
Ableton Live. Microtron Tape 2 builds upon Live's rack features to create the blending
effects between tape sounds as can be achieved with a physical Mellotron. Native live effects
are completely integrated with multisample mode racks so that any Live 7 or 8 user can
instantly load these sounds.

In addition, Microtron Tape 2 includes 50 Live Clips performed by professional studio
keyboardists. Each clip comes preprogrammed with the multi sound Microtron rack for the most
flexibility and editing possibilities.

Microtron Tape 2 for Kontakt comes with a selectable multi sound instrument with custom KSP
editing features and Kontakt native effects. The Kontakt download also includes over 40
tempo-synced Apple Loops that can be dropped directly into Kontakt or played in the environment
of your choice. (For native Apple SIAL loops be sure to download the Logic version)

Microtron Tape 2 for Logic includes three EXS instruments as channel strips that instantly
install into the Logic library and a collection of over 40 SIAL Apple Loops.

PureMagnetik MicroTron Tape 2 For KONTAKT 3 (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 273.56 MB

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