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Scorpions Everything about Purchase, Care, Feeding, and Housing by Manny Rubio PDF eBook

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"Scorpions: Everything about Purchase, Care, Feeding, and Housing" by Manny Rubio
Barron's Educational Series. A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual
Barron's | 2000 | ISBN: 0764112244 9780764112249 | 91 pages | PDF | 13 MB

This handsomely illustrated book offers a wealth of information on scorpion purchase, housing, and general care, as well as information on the many varieties that are popular among hobbyists. The book is filled with handsome color photos and instructive line illustrations

The book presents basic information for non-specialist animal owners and prospective owners, about pets with facts about each animal's origins and traits for new or soon-to-be owners, as well as detailed information for other animal hobbyists. Advice and instruction covers purchase, equipment, general care and maintenance, and much more. Texts emphasize the basics and are easy for all readers to understand, but most titles in this series also present facts that even experienced owners and hobbyists will find new and useful.

People and Scorpions
The Remarkable Scorpion
Scorpion Natural History
Scorpions as Pets
Understanding Scorpions
Scorpion’s Place in Nature
Scorpion Taxonomy
Scorpion Anatomy
Venom and Envenomatiun
Commonly Available Scorpions
At the Pet Shop
Scorpions for the Novice
Scorpions for the Expert
Scorpions to Avoid
Common American Scorpions
Collecting Scorpions
Tables of Captive Conditions
Housing and the Ideal Environment
A Secure Home
A Light Source
Alternative Cages
The Substrate
Cage Furnishings
Cannibaiism and the
Communal Link Handling
HOW-TO: Making a Secure Top
Secure Top
Food and Feeding
HOW-TO: Raising Food
Breeding Scorpions
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Scorpions Everything about Purchase, Care, Feeding, and Housing  by Manny Rubio PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 13 MB

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