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SitniSati FumeFX 4.1.0 for 3ds Max 2013-2018 x64

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Sitni Sati has released 4.1 version of FumeFX for 3ds Max, is a fluid dynamics engine designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gaseous phenomena.

It's versatility, robustness and intuitive workflow makes it a perfect solution for the most demanding tasks in the computer graphics industry. The core engine allows user to interfere with simulation computation at the lowest level. It is available for 3ds max and Maya.

What's New in FumeFX 4.1:

- New, faster solver.
- New vorticity type.
- Sharpening of various channels during the simulation.
- New burning model with oxygen.
- Wavelet or Post simulation to be able to wait for caches (DC-deferred caches option).
- Infinite nesting of N-Sim grids.
- Faster cache pre-processing at render time.
- Email notifications.
- Spline Follow force.
- Faster application of objects and sources.
- Defector objects voxelization resolution and minimal voxelization.
- OpenVDB support.
- Effector has an option to use a 3D Texmap for input.
- Field3D and OpenVDB importer allows for channels assignment.
- PRT|PDC particle system.
- Direct picking of ParticleFlow events.
- ParticleFlow float and vector channel access.
- Motion blur rendering support.
- Black-body shader.
- Support for VRay’s deep data.
- Sharpening of fire and smoke at render time.
- Faster mental ray shader Illumination Map computation
- Faster rendering preprocessing.
- Recently used caches list.
- Caches drag and drop.
- Quick path/filename versioning.
- Cache files delete.
- FumeFX.ini location can be defined with the environment variable FUMEFX_INI.
- Read-only mode so that user can’t overwrite caches by an accident.
- CPU Preview Window can have shadows as well.
- Shadows inside the 3ds max viewport.
- Preview Window exact window size.
- MXS: CancelSimulation(), StopSimulation(),DeleteCaches(),ResizePreview(width, height).
- Support for 64-bit Windows only.

About Sitni Sati

Sitni Sati was founded back in 1999 and quickly became recognized in the field of VFX software development. Innovative ideas and extensive research of the natural phenomena resulted in FumeFX, praised as one of the fastest and most flexible CG fluid dynamics simulation systems available on any platform.
Our dedication to constantly improve the software and usage of the latest technology available helped to narrow the barrier between reality and CG imagery. Sitni Sati software was used in films like Thor, Suckerpunch, Skyline, 2012, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, X-Men: Wolverine, Iron Man, Armageddon, Matrix Reloaded and more.

Product: SitniSati FumeFX
Version: 4.1.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8.x / 10
Software Prerequisites: 3ds max 2013 and above

SitniSati FumeFX 4.1.0 for 3ds Max 2013-2018 x64

Buy!Download Size: 106.31 MB

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