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Smoothwall Corporate Firewall 2008 SP3 (1 cd)

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Corporate Firewall is a software appliance firewall and VPN
system complete with integrated security hardened operating
system. Deployed on standard server or PC hardware, it is
designed to fulfill the Internet security needs of small to
medium size organizations and corporate branch offices. It
can be extended to a full Unified Threat Management (UTM)
solution via add-on modules, combining multiple security
functions on a single UTM appliance located at the network

Perimeter Firewall: Perimeter security
is always best; keeping the bad guys, their attacks,
viruses, spyware and malware from ever getting beyond the
gatekeeper to your network. Corporate Firewall controls what
Internet services users can access, as well as the
traditional role of blocking access to hackers and other
Internet threats.

VPN Gateway: Corporate Firewall provides simple yet
secure remote network access with a fully featured VPN
gateway. It supports SSL, IPSec and L2TP to provide
site-to-site (inter office) connectivity to both SmoothWall
and other manufacturers' systems, as well as clientless
Secure Remote Access for mobile users, home workers and
wireless (WiFi) connections.

Web Security and Content Filtering: Non work-related
browsing can have a very detrimental impact upon your
organization's productivity. Guardian is the answer,
controlling or monitoring access to social networking, news,
shopping and dozens of other website categories; as well as
blocking pornography and all objectionable content. The
SmoothGuardian module also protects against web threats by
blocking spyware and browser exploits, controlling the use
of active code such as ActiveX and JavaScript and by
anti-virus scanning web pages and file downloads.

Email Security and Anti-Spam: The SmoothZap module
enforces email security at the network perimeter, before
threats reach their intended mail server or client target.
SmoothZap incorporates the highly effective Mailshell
anti-spam engine which combines content analysis with sender
reputation checking and bulk email detection via continuous
updates to detection signatures.

Bandwidth Management (QoS): If you want to prioritize
interactive traffic such as VoIP and web browsing for
consistent performance and quality while maximizing the
utilization of Internet connections, then the SmoothTraffic
module is your solution.

Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging can be a great
business tool but unmonitored it can encourage misuse,
inappropriate personal communications, time-wasting and
exposes organizations to significant legal risks. Corporate
Firewall provides the tools to allow managers to block,
monitor, log or censor IM conversations, so that misuse can
be minimized and its advantages can be more easily

Hardware Platforms: Corporate Firewall exploits the
power, reliability and versatility of commodity PC hardware
to produce a cost effective security appliance that is easy
to support and maintain. Compatible with a huge range of
both the latest and not-so-new hardware, almost any Pentium
compatible PC is a suitable platform for Corporate Firewall.
Entry level server or workstation computers from major
manufacturers such as Dell, HP and IBM are a common choice
due to the excellent on-site support services available.
Ease-of-use was a primary design goal for Corporate
Firewall, in recognition of the fact that most mid-size
organizations have limited IT resources and specialized
skills. This philosophy starts with comprehensive yet easy
to understand documentation, a Quick-Start Guide and full
reference manuals, which include tutorial sections and
examples. Software installation has also been made quick and
painless; using automatic hardware detection and
configuration it takes less than 10 minutes. Avoiding the
need to install special client software, final configuration
is performed from any computer with a web browser, using an
intuitive Ajax enhanced GUI with on-line and tooltip help.

Smoothwall Corporate Firewall 2008 SP3 (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 149.19 MB

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