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Spectrasonics - Stylus Vinyl Groove Module (1 dvd)

Buy!Download Size: 2.1 GB

The world's first Groove Control Instrument Stylus is an innovative new
type of software plug-in instrument that integrates a massive core
library of thousands of cutting-edge groove elements, loops and samples,
with a powerful user interface for creating your own grooves. Stylus can
be used as a native plug-in instrument in hosts like Logic, Digital
Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro-Tools sampler is necessary!

The huge 3 gigabyte core library of Stylus includes over 1000 brand-new
loops, featuring insane new breakbeat remix loops with a cutting-edge
vinyl attitude, from award-winning producer Eric Persing. The grooves
are inspiration generators for application in a huge variety of remix
genres including R&B, 2-step, Trip-Hop, Chemical, Epic House,
Underground Hip-Hop, UK Garage, Downtempo Dub, Nu-skool, Acid Jazz,
Trance, Funk, Alternative, Progressive, Rap, Abstract, Urban Neo-Soul,
Big Beat, Slo-Jamz, Drum 'N Bass, and many others.

Each groove is presented in Spectrasonics' widely-acclaimed Groove
Control activated versions which allow you to change the pitch, tempo,
feel and pattern independently ...without using any DSP! Since every
groove can be mixed and matched at any tempo or feel, there are
literally endless combination possibilities. You can also program your
own grooves from scratch with thousands of edgy drum samples. In
addition, the inspiring Groove Menus let you remix loops in real-time at
every tempo from 50-180 BPM in both straight and swing feels. It's as
simple as selecting a patch and playing your keyboard!

Over a thousand wild turntable FX and DJ tricks are included, as well as
a killer live percussion loop section including congas, bongos, djembes,
shakers, triangles, agogos and tambourines, all of which can be mixed
into any groove separately!

Because of the powerful interface and synthesis engine of the plug-in,
Stylus is a monster creative tool. You can do brand new techniques with
Groove Control like randomizing the accents of a loop, turning a conga
loop into a melodic part, radical filter sequencing, tweaking the tuning
of just the snare, or filtering just the kicks, panning each slice in a
different part of the stereo field, each all inside the loop! This is
possible because the Stylus custom interface goes way beyond any of the
current conventional samplers -each sample and slice has it's own
adjustable synth parameters, and selecting the samples is as simple as
playing the sample from your keyboard. The possibilities for creative
manipulation are truly amazing... and yet it is so easy to use.


* Massive 3 gig core library
* All NEW sounds
* Insane new remix grooves and samples by Eric Persing
* Over a thousand turntable tricks, skips, stops, beat-juggling and scratch FX
* Killer live percussion loops can be added to any groove
* Elastic Tempo, Pitch, Pattern and Feel with Groove Control
* Real-time groove jamming at any tempo with Groove Menus
* Built-in Groove auditioning system... Lightning-fast load times
* 1000 Kicks, 1000 Snares, 500 Hi-hats for creating your own grooves
* Easy to use... Built-in patch management system
* Sample-accurate timing
* Fully programmable
* Total recall with your sequence
* Multimode resonant Filters for each sample, plus Master Filters
* Three envelopes for Pitch, Filter and Amplitude
* Matrix-style Modulation routing, two LFOs
* Unique interface allows independent parameter control of each sample, and
Groove control automation.
* Powered by Custom 32 bit UVI Engine
* Cross platform, plug-in compatibility!

Directly compatible with Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro Tools,
Nuendo, Musys, Fruity Loops, Orion Pro and other VST sampler
necessary! *also works in Sonar with a VST wrapper

512 MB RAM, 3.5 GB free hard disc space
MAC: OS 8 or higher, 300 mHz G3 or better CPU,
MAS, RTAS or VST 2.0 host

PC: Windows 98, 300 mHz Pentium III or better CPU,
sound card, VST 2.0 host

CPU power usage: VERY LOW

Spectrasonics - Stylus Vinyl Groove Module (1 dvd)

Buy!Download Size: 2.1 GB

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