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Utimaco Safeguard Easy (1 cd)

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SafeGuard Easy Hard Disk Encryption Keep sensitive data
protected with SafeGuard. Easy

Every 12 seconds, a PC is lost or stolen . most with
confidential or sensitive information. SafeGuard Easy full
hard disk encryption software encrypts your laptop's hard
disk drive so data thieves cannot read your files.

By encrypting the entire drive, SafeGuard Easy renders data
completely undecipherable to unauthorized users. Users work
uninterrupted as SafeGuard. Easy encrypts and decrypts your
hard drive's data seamlessly, providing true data at rest
security for your laptop or desktop.

Disk encryption plus pre-boot authentication

SafeGuard. Easy combines the security of full disk
encryption with pre-boot authentication. Pre-boot user
authentication forces the laptop owner to provide
credentials prior to the load of the operating system,
guaranteeing a secure environment before Windows starts.
SafeGuard Easy's pre-boot authentication (PBA) supports both
passwords and eTokens. Strong encryption algorithms

Employing certified and standards-based ciphers such as
128-bit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and
128-bit IDEA, SafeGuard Easy incorporates independently
approved and widely accepted algorithms which guarantee
against unauthorized access and hacker attacks. Protected by
any of 10 worldwide industry standard encryption algorithms,
your laptop's hard drive will be completely secure at all

Secure, feature robust, and user-friendly

SafeGuard. Easy is the most robust security tool in the
industry, yet is virtually invisible to the end user.
Because SafeGuard. Easy encrypts and decrypts on demand,
users will never be interrupted. SafeGuard. Easy offers the
largest feature set in the industry, including secure
hibernation, secure wake-on-LAN, and TPM integration .
making it the most successful and widely used full hard
drive encryption software package on the market today.

Why encrypt with SafeGuard┐ Easy? Data is one of the most
valuable assets that companies and organizations have. These
assets are in even more danger since .mobile computing. has
become a reality: sensitive information is stored on
notebooks and removable media . without any firewall
protection. Mobile devices and media, along with the
sensitive and valuable information that is stored on them,
are constantly exposed to loss or theft. A company.s
management team is responsible for taking all appropriate
steps to protect a company.s or organization.s data.

SafeGuard Easy provides this protection: No unauthorized
user may access the device and read data or use the device
as a tool to enter the company network. If a device gets
into unauthorized hands the data is securely protected even
if the hard disk is removed. Complete encryption of the
entire hard disk and a user authentication procedure that
runs before the operating system boots provide secure

Whether a single laptop or 10,000 PCs are to be protected,
SafeGuard Easy allows easy implementation and enforcement of
the IT security policy. SafeGuard Easy is truly user-proof.
It operates transparently in the background, so end users
don.t have to undergo training or alter their work
behaviours. For security officers, IT managers, and system
administrators, SafeGuard Easy offers transparent security,
easy security policy implementation, and simple

In a world where laptops and desktop PCs are lost every day
and hackers attack corporate secrets every hour, SafeGuard
Easy is a business necessity.

Utimaco Safeguard Easy (1 cd)

Buy!Download Size: 63.58 MB

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