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ken @ftu, Jeremy Faircloth, Ken Ftu, Carter Everett, Hack Proofing XML True PDF eBook

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'ken'@ftu, Jeremy Faircloth, Ken Ftu, Carter Everett, "Hack Proofing XML"
Publisher: Syngress | 2002 | ISBN: 1931836507 | English | True PDF | 402 pages | 7.13 Mb

The only way to stop a hacker is to think like one!
The World Wide Web Consortium's Extensible Markup Language (XML) is quickly becoming the new standard for data formatting and Internet development. XML is expected to be as important to the future of the Web as HTML has been to the foundation of the Web, and has proven itself to be the most common tool for all data manipulation and data transmission.
Hack Proofing XML provides readers with hands-on instruction for how to secure the Web transmission and access of their XML data. This book will also introduce database administrators, web developers and web masters to ways they can use XML to secure other applications and processes.

The first book to incorporate standards from both the Security Services Markup Language (S2ML) and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) in one comprehensive book
Covers the four primary security objectives: Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication and Non-repudiation
Not only shows readers how to secure their XML data, but describes how to provide enhanced security for a broader range of applications and processes.

About the Authors
Curtis Franklin, Jr. is President and Editorial Director of CF2 Group. CF2 Group is a technology assessment and communications firm headquartered in Gainesville, FL. Curtis is the Founder of two major industry testing labs, the BYTE Testing Lab and Client/Server Labs. He has published over 1,400 articles in his career, and has led performance and technology assessment projects for clients including IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and H-P. Dr. Everett F. (Skip) Carter, Jr. is President of Taygeta Network Security Services (a division of Taygeta Scientific Inc.). He is also CEO/CTO of CaphNet, Inc. Skip holds both a Ph.D. and master’s in Applied Physics from Harvard University. Skip has authored several articles for Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and Computer Language magazines as well a numerous scientific articles and is a past columnist for Forth Dimensions magazine. 'ken'@FTU has helped suppliers to conduct B2B XML transactions with large e-commerce portals including Ariba, as well! as others. He is also credited with discovering security vulnerabilities in software products by major vendors such as Microsoft and IBM. Currently he works at a bank doing technical auditing and penetrating testing of their networks, systems and applications. Jeremy Faircloth (CCNA, MCSE, MCP+I, A+) is a Systems Analyst for Gateway, Inc. where he develops and maintains enterprise-wide client/server and Web-based technologies. He also acts as a technical resource for other IT professionals, using his expertise to help others expand their knowledge.He is a co-author of ASP .NET Developer’s Guide (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-928994-51-2) and C# for Java Programmers (Syngress, ISBN: 1-931836-54-X).

ken @ftu, Jeremy Faircloth, Ken Ftu, Carter Everett,  Hack Proofing XML  True PDF eBook

Buy!Download Size: 6.26 MB

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