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solidThinking Inspire 2018 buld 9508 x64

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solidThinking, Inc. announced the availability of Inspire 2018, is a concept design tool that uses topology, topography, lattice, and gauge optimization to produce structural shapes in response to loads. The resulting shapes are polymeshes you can export to other computer-aided design tools as a source of inspiration for your designs. You can also generate .stl files for rapid prototyping.

solidThinking Inspire 2018 Release Notes:

- Lattice Visualization and Export
Lattice optimization results can now be visualized in 3D and exported in .stl format.- Overhang Shape Control A new Overhang tool has been added to the shape controls. Overhang is a type of 3D printing constraint. It allows you to eliminate overhang to create a more self-supporting structure. This helps minimize the need to add support structures during the printing process.
- New Load Cases Table
The load cases table has been redesigned so that you can easily view all loads and select the load cases to which they apply. In addition, you can now import loads from an .xls or .csv file.
- Import and Export Loads and Supports
In addition, you can now use the Load Cases table to import and export loads and supports from a .csv or .xls file using a fixed format.
- Additional Creasing Option for PolyNURBS Sharpen
There are now four levels of sharpening available in the PolyNURBS Sharpen tool: low sharpening, medium sharpening, high sharpening, and no sharpening. High sharpening produces perfect creasing. You can add fillets or chamfers to edges that have high sharpening applied.
- Face Inset for PolyNURBS
You can now create a face inset by holding down the Shift key when you click a PolyNURBS face.
- Friction for Rigid Joints
Forces that arise from frictional effects can now be included in motion analysis for joints. When the joint behavior has been set to Rigid in the Property Editor, you can enable friction for the following joint types: Pin, Sliding Pin, Hinge, Cylindrical, Ball and Socket, and Translational. You can specify the coefficients of friction (static and dynamic) and include other model parameters which allow you to model frictional drag and "stiction" effects.
- Improved Profile Editor
You can now preview the built-in actuator and motor profiles using the Profile Editor. The profile parameters that govern the shape can also be modified graphically using handles, and multiple data points can be moved using box selection and click-and-drag. In addition, a new Convert to Table button makes it easy to tweak an existing profile shape or save the data to a .csv file for downstream modification (e.g. concatenation).


Additional features and enhancements include:

- Clearance Parameter for Contacts: A new Clearance parameter has been added to the Contacts table. It allows you to define when a contact is considered in cases where there is a slight separation between parts in contact. This parameter only applies when the Sliding with Separation option is selected in the Run Optimization window.
- Enhancements to the Spot Welds Legend: The number of surfaces in a weld is now shown with different colors in the spot welds legend, and all welds with that number of surfaces can be hidden or displayed from the legend.
- Target Mass for Gauge Optimization: An option to specify a target mass has been added for gauge optimization.
- Translational Joints for Actuators: The Coaxial Joint property for actuators has now been expanded to include translational joints (in addition to the previously available cylindrical joints).
- Plots for Dissipated Energy: Additional plot components, Energy and Energy Rate, are now available in the plot context menu. They can be used to measure dissipated energy in damper elements for coil and torsion spring dampers. These outputs can give you insight about which dampers are doing the most work or where energy loss (due to damping effects) may occur during transient motion analysis.
- Select Model Units for Export: Clicking the Export button on the Run Analysis, Run Optimization, Run Part Analysis and Run Part Optimization windows now prompts you to select a unit system for export.
- Export CAD at the Part Level: A new Body Position preference has been added that allows you to export CAD at the part level without an assembly. (When using the regular Save As option, parts are saved in an assembly structure.)
- Evolve File Updates: Evolve .evo files can now be read into Inspire.

About solidThinking Inspire. The Inspiration behind solidThinking Inspire is to put the 3D model at the center of everything. The model serves as a menu. Users can click entities in the model to edit them directly. The interface is designed to be immersive, icons float in the same world as the user model and each is rendered out as a 3D element in the scene. A set of closely related functions are grouped into a single icon, thus reducing the visual complexity of the UI.

solidThinking Inspire is concept generation and inspiration for better products. Inspire can help its users quickly create dramatically lighter structures and understand the effect of material placement in whatever they’re developing. Inspire is designed to be as simple to use as possible utilizing large and visual contextual icons to perform hundreds of functions. Similar applications can take months to fully master where Inspire takes at most four hours and often no training at all to learn

Using solidThinking Inspire is extremely easy, to start, the user can either use the simple sketching tools in Inspire to sketch an initial design. Alternatively, the user can also import an existing design that they would like to optimize. Next the user must select part of their model that they would like to optimize. This is called the design space. Next, the user must assign materials and loads to the model. As an optional step, users can then use advanced shape controls and manufacturing constraints to make sure their final part is optimized for manufacture. Inspire will then run through its process and export the ideal part based on all of the previous steps. Users can then control the results and export the design proposal.

Inspire is based on a 20+ year old technology that is used in multiple industries including aerospace and automotive. This technology is called Altair OptiStruct. OptiStruct is an industry proven, modern structural analysis solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. The strong core of OptiStruct makes Inspire extremely accurate. The goal of Inspire is to bring these industry leading tools to non simulation experts in order to offer a broader audience a concept design and generation tool that is easy to learn and use.

About solidThinking, Inc. solidThinking creates, develops, and markets technology that helps our user community bring the most desirable products to their customers faster. solidThinking was started in 1991 to meet the needs of Italian industrial designers, and acquired by Altair in 2008. Our offering has now been expanded to assist product development for designers, engineers, architects, and scientists. solidThinking software is sold and supported by a global network of distribution partners and is also available as part of the Altair HyperWorks suite.

Product: solidThinking Inspire
Version: 2018 build 9508
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer

solidThinking Inspire 2018 buld 9508 x64

Buy!Download Size: 1.02 GB

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